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  1. I eat well, with the exception of an occasional sugar fix..which i'm determined to conquer. my diet consists of fruit, vegetables, lean protein and wholegrain carbs. to be honest i'm not prepared to do anything obsessive like completely cut out grains etc but i have significantly lowered my dairy intake for Soya over the past few months which seems to have helped. The state of my skin over the past 3 months has been astonishing...I've seen a progressive improvement every week with the help of w
  2. Wellll... A lot of people say not to touch anything soya (so tofu, soya milk, miso blablabla) because of the estrogen that soya contains which can mess up our hormones and trigger breakouts...but when I cut dairy out and replaced it with soya milk I cleared up nicely, so i think it depends on the person. I think the only other thing with tofu which might break you out is if it is fried, because it would be raising the tofus glycemic index and obviously there's a lot of speculation about certain
  3. i should imagine lentils are good because they are low glycemic index. me and my friend made a lentil, carrot, courgette, tomato, onion, ginger and garlic stew type thing the other day, it was fantastic! plus my skins been pretty much 100 percent clear the past month since i've been eating low glycemic load foods, but i've broken out slightly this week and not sure why!!
  4. wow thats a lot to take in lol i get acne everywhere, but i think sometime soon when i'm not crazily busy i'll do a liver flush...then another one soon after to make sure i get the full effect. i thought i was completely clear but i'm breaking out slightly again...argh i dont know what to do anymore i give up, i may just do accutane get it over with lol
  5. my skin has cleared since i've cut out supplements, I really think they just made my skin worse...zinc seemed to give me one of the worst breakouts of my life. Its up to you if you think they'll help you but they did nothing for my skin after 6 months of obsessively buying them...i stopped over a month ago, and i'm 95 percent clear now...
  6. All I know is my acne properly started last year after a big phase of staying on the phone til late and going to bed at 4/5 in the morning and having to wake up at 7/8... I think your best bed is to have no more than 9 hours sleep but no less than 7 a night, do you change your pillows regularly? that's helped me a bit i guess...
  7. Thanks dude argh I've purposely switched to soy because i've cut dairy out, so i've had quite a bit of it...so that could maybe be why i've slightly broken out? i just dont get why all the spots are in exactly the same place...odd what i'm gonna do is cut out dairy and keep on soy for another couple of weeks if i'm still breaking out i'll cut soy out as well. i'm still having some sugar in dark chocolate aswel, is that likely to cause many breakouts?
  8. Hey guys, Okay so...I'm so happy with the state of my skin at the moment. I'm on a low glycemic load diet, low in sugar and fats, and i've completely cut out dairy which seems to be working. And topically I am cleansing with a Ren cleanser which has no parabens, sulfates etc (basically it's completely free of any chemicals) and moisturising with Jojoba oil, and doing a clay, manuka honey and aspirin mask twice a week which seems to control breakouts too... Anyway my problem is that in the pas
  9. I find tea tree oil is fine to use on my skin neat... BUT there is one warning. I used it straight after being on benzoyl peroxide (after stupidly deciding to give it another try) and it burnt my skin like crazy (i'm not joking i was running around my room like a lunatic and when i woke up in the morning my face was still red) but this was because the benzoyl peroxide had peeled off so many layers of the skin on my face that it was really sensitive, so i say if you've been on benzoyl peroxide o
  10. I read it too... What bugs me most is the ignorance behind the problem. And nobody seems to understand how psychologically distressing it is. The only thing that would change that is if we all went through it though...
  11. thanks guys. I'm gonna keep away from supplements for a while longer and if I start breaking out again I think I'll gradually add stuff in. I have no idea if it could be a preservative or something in the coating...there are quite a few its hard to tell. I'd love to take a vitamin and mineral complex but I can't find one anywhere without iodine, cos I'm scared iodine will cause havoc...I've completely cut out dairy too which I think is about time lol...this is seriously the best my skin has look
  12. So, I have a day to day generally very good diet. Nothing obsessive but low glycemic, sugar fat and high in fruit, vegetables and wholegrains. Been taking different combinations of Vitamin A (usually around 20,000iu), C (2000-3000mg) and E (400iu), B6, Zinc (40mg) and Acidophilus for about a year and still experiencing acne. I've just cut them ALL out and my skin has completely cleared up...this is the first time in a year and a half that i havent had an active spot...i'm not sure if it's due to
  13. Hey guys I was just wondering, to buy products with a strong percentage of glycolic acid, can you buy it or do you have to get it prescribed, if so, do you know of any good home glycolic peels, masks or moisturisers that are relatively strong? thanks!