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  1. Its called Genius? I am torn between Morpheus8 FR microneedling in conjunction with PRP or Scarlet/secret RF microneedling
  2. Ok perfect, will take that advice. Would ye think it is ok to get it done in conjunction with a peel on the same time? not an aggressive peel , a milder peel ?? And also , I cant decide whether to get Scarlet RF microneedling done or Morpheus8 RF ?? Anyone advise which machine is better ??
  3. is it not done every 2 weeks over a 6 week period ?
  4. I have acne scarring and pigmentation and had this procedure done 7 years ago, which def helped me . Is it ok to get it done again this year , its a course of 3 sessions ? is it ok to get it done more than once in a lifetime ?
  5. Thanks, im not sure that many professionals do subcision in Ireland, would love to hear from anyone in Ireland who got this treatment done ? or any acne scarring treatment done?
  6. Hi everyone, I am from Ireland.i am in my 30's. I developed cystic acne on my face in or around the year 2012. I saw a derm Gp who prescribed me roaccutane and dainette pill. This cleared up the acne. But i have been left scarred. For the scarring i have had : 1:Radio frequency micro needling (3 sessions) And at a later date i had 3 sessions of automated microneedling using dermpen. I use vitamin C serum, Retinol 1% cream and Phyto botanical gel on my face.