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    Mostly music (play guitar, trumpet, a little piano), soccer, snowboarding, reading, etc...
  1. I'm not sure if anyone has every mentioned this on the forum, but in the small Accutane information leaflet that comes inside the box are some pretty helpful suggestions. The one that struck me was that with a higher fat diet, (at least when taken with or around the Accutane consumption), success rate increased by a significant margin. Not to say go out and eat cake all day. Just trying to let people know eating a pure paleo diet (or whatever its called, the one with only lean meat, veggies,
  2. When you try to look in the mirror and reason, hey, I'm really not a bad looker, and then you go out with your friends and realize that your skin looks ogre-ish compared to theirs and you can almost never look someone in the eye because of embarassment and lack of confidence. Besides that, its aweseome. Also, all the conflicting views about treatment don't make it any easier.
  3. I can never fail to dig me some Wilco. Also, some Bob Marley, Bright Eyes, Band of Horses. Totally chillaxin.
  4. "And aliens, watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ48M_PcftQ. Its Bill Clintons UFO files. Just watch it before you think you know the truth about aliens." Dude, I am so sorry, I am so ignorant. I am so dumb, living in my own little utopian fantasy. Thank God you saved me! Without this proof of aliens on youtube, I would have been lost forever! Sometimes, bad things just happen. I don't deny that the government, wherever you are, covers things up, but to blame every catastr
  5. The internet says cures for Cancer and acne are being covered up? Must be true. It also says aliens are held in New Mexico and JFK was shot by a CIA agent. I'll also make sure to check out the latest edition of the National Enquirer, I heard they finally found bat boy. Sorry if that was a tad acerbic. But I had to.
  6. Females. A killer, live acoustic song. That feeling you get when you walk outside in the summer in slacks and flip-flops, and the temperature is 70 degrees and you can feel the breeze winding through your toes and up your sleeves. Chilling with the fellas.
  7. Yeah. That shit sucks. One of my best buds has nearly flawless skin. One day he tells me about his "bad" bacne. I was like, are you kidding me? First of all, I don't think he's ever had a noticeable pimple on his face. Second of all, the bacne that he did have, I would have to use a microscope to pick out. Thirdly, dude always gets the girl, so nothing much to complaine about. It was pitiful, haha.
  8. I did a series of peels, which was capped off with an 80% Glycolic Acid peel, about a year ago. The other peels worked, but this 80% Glycolic was pretty tight. The red marks didn't dissapear by any stretch, but improvement was seen. The main thing though, was that after that, I started to see significant improvement in my skin. Of course, it came back and now I'm on accutane. But peels do work, though in varying degrees of succes; ie. some see a lot of redness go away, some see little (I wa
  9. Thanks fellas. I knew most of what you're talking about but you're responses definately helped. I know for a fact that a science major isn't required or even insisted on for med school. One of the premier orthapedic surgeons in my city was an economics major, with no minor.
  10. Hey, First of all, most people do not have bad side-effects in the liver. Such side effects are extremely rare, in fact. The monthly blood work you have done is meant to check liver funtion. If the results are negative, you'll be taken off accutane. Some people seem to be extremely averse to accutane, but the truly bad side-effects are extremely rare. Be cautious, but don't stress yourself out about it. Secondly, I wouldn't reccomend any Milk products while trying to fight acne.
  11. I'm heavily considering going to Med school after I graduate college and thinking about then taking a residency with a dermatologist. Even though I'll only be freshman undergrad next year, I'd like some advice about good majors/minors, internships, etc. I'm not going to box myself in by getting a pre-med degree, or even a biology major or something like that. I was thinking about minoring in biology with a journalism major or econ major. I'd just like some input. I'd ultimately like to do r