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  1. When i was a senior, these girls in front of me, every time one of them get a pimple they would just freak out, but to me i would be laughing in my head, cause i deal with more than just a pimple that goes away in a week and you have clear skin, it would make me happy seeing them getting so pissed and ewy. Nobody has said anything to me, and I had plenty of friends, they would look at it( if i had an inflamed pimple) but than just look me in the eyes and continue to talk. If im around people, I
  2. it does look like your harming your skin more than helping it, i would ether do what the others said or just cut them all out and let your skin recuperate
  3. did you sleep there? could be bed bug bites on your legs..i've just never seen anyone with pimples on the legs, so thats why I think it could be
  4. ^^ i agree with dave...i went to ccd and all that..i learned absolutely nothing..it didn't make no sense whatsoever to me....i just don't see how can he can exist, who made him?..
  5. he never had a career, how does him, the crappiest rapper ever alive even get signed a contract? all his " songs " suck
  6. I get those rarely, usually I know its coming when you see a small brown dot above your lip. Over time its starts to form a pimple and when you pick at it either hurts or gets bigger and more obvious. All I did was squeeze it as hard as I can and it looks like a small insect larva when it pops. And they don't pop up after I kissed a girl either.
  7. nope, my asthma hasn't bothered me in a long time, last time I almost died to a asthma attack...I just love coffee, i drink that instead of water, which is probably another cause, but ive been drinking water for vitamins you need to swallow ><
  8. hey dude im tanning tomorrow it worked for me last time! it works amazing well than ignore me, i thought it actually harms your skin...i thought i had to stay out of the sun.
  9. i never got called a name, once these idiots girls like a seat away from me on the bus were like, does he have chicken pox..i just laughed inside..
  10. They say stay out of the sun for a long period of time..
  11. 12. Avoid coffee! Coffee is good for people whom have asthma because it opens up the body's ability to breath better. well shit, i have ance..maybe i drink a lot of coffee a day..i drink about 3 cups a day >,<..but i also have asthma...i rarely eat junk food..just coffee..think this is the reason?
  12. I think it actually does the opposite, thats what I hear around here... stay away from sunlight or use sp15 or something..even though I rather be outside having fun than being scared of it doing more damage..
  13. I don't date, but I talk to a lot of girls, I don't see how they can even talk to me, its like they don't even care..When I talk to them I totally forgot that i even have acne..especially this one girl.mmmmmm..but yeah I see hot girls with guys with acne..which makes me happier than I know that it doesn't really matter to some girls
  14. i have them, i dont think they are even related to acne....i don't even mind them because they are so small and you can barely even see them but they are there
  15. Well at least you had your fun in High School without it, some kids just keep to themselves and think they look bad and they don't socialize, just have your fun, don't give a ships about how other people look at you, just be that fun person and nobody should care =), and I dont know, i don't really know but i think to myself that acne has to have a reason, like, people have it for a reason so other people don't judge people by the outside but what they are in the inside...