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  1. I've had these BB-sized/shaped scars on my face for over 10 years from trying to pop my zits over an over. I'm so self-conscious about it and know that everyone stares at it when I'm talking to them face to face. Can anyone recommend a solid treatment that has worked for them? They look like small warts on my face....
  2. 8,000? Are you kidding me? Here in AZ I'm planning to have a well-respected derm (and Chief of Laser Medicine for the valley) do 5 treatements for 4,000. Wow! That's a whole lot cheaper. I'm glad I found this board before I decided to pay them the 8k.... Hard to believe why they're so much more expensive!
  3. I was at the Laser Dermatology Institute in S. California and they quoted me $8,000 for 4 full face Fraxel treatments ($2,000 each). And that was their "special" price. Can anyone recommend somewhere that's cheaper? I don't mind traveling a 100 or 200 miles to get it done. I'm in the Los Angeles / Orange County area in California.