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  1. Just know you aren't the only one out there walking around feeling upset inside and alone. There are so many of us with this problem. I too don't know of anyone personally with skin issues which makes it hard. Forums like this one really are a huge help. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for all the info gals. I've been curious about BB cream as well.
  3. I love Dan's AHA. I definitely think you should work up to it and not use so much though.
  4. Maybe you could try some raw organic honey? It's anti bacterial and may work for milder cases like yours.
  5. I understand your concern. The skin on my face seemed discolored as well... I just stopped putting so much BP on and lowered my dose. My skin seems fine now.
  6. For me quitting coffee helped on so many levels. I just felt all around better and my skin didn't break out as much.
  7. I notice when I wash my face with filtered water my skin is so much more hydrated. If I use tap my skin is super dry!
  8. Root cause was food sensitives to dairy and sugar. It took me more then 10 years to realize diet and acne are related for my case.
  9. You skin looks a lot like mine. I had to make some diet and lifestyle changes (along with using BP) to finally get semi clear. The journey continues...
  10. ACV didn't do wonders for my skin but I'm glad it has helped you. Thanks for sharing!