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  1. I have not had any luck. I was moved to 100mg of Spiro in May and noticed no change. I was also getting 2 periods a month because of the Spiro, so I was put on birth control as well. I tried this combo for 6 months and didn't see much of a difference as far as my face or getting 2 periods a month. I stopped taking Spiro and my face hasn't really gotten any worse. It's still the same cycle, I've always had. I break out on my chin with a couple of cysts near my period, and I will also get a couple
  2. So, after nearly 9 years of battling persistent moderate acne and visiting 3-4 dermatologists over this span, I am debating seeing a n endocrinologist for my suspected hormonal acne. My acne is not severe but it is pretty moderate and very persistent.Over these 9 years I have tried numerous topicals, 3 different birth control pills and spironolactone for almost a year and a half. Some of these kept my acne at bay, but nothing has completely cleared my skin or even almost cleared it for that m
  3. I actually have stopped using the BP for about 5 months now and I'm not using any topical on my face, just my Biore face wash. I am still seeing the same flakey, yet oily outcome so I am beginning to believe it may indeed be something else. I remember having this issue in high school as well and I was not using BP back then either... where can I get the 2% zinc face wash? any suggestions?
  4. So, after having acne for around 8 years now, I can honestly say I have no idea if my skin is dry, oily or combo. Reason being, I use moisturizer(moderately) but I always seem to be overly oily...but the reason I use moisturizer is because I use Dan's BP (and have for 6 years now) and it dries me out. ** I've actually not been using Dan's BP on my entire face for about 5 months now, just on my forehead and T-Zone is STILL dry/flakey yet shiney and oily.... So honestly, my skin looks dry a
  5. Still looking for some input! I appreciate the above suggestions but unfortunately I am still experiencing this issue. Especially when I wear makeup, my T-zone is shiney/oily, yet you can see up close that it is dry and flakey. I tried using a sheer blotting powder in this area but it just accentuates the flakiness...HELP!!!
  6. My 8.5 year battle continues.. My acne is hormonal. When I got on birth control I was 16 and it helped clear up my face a lot but never completely. I got off b.c. 7 years later and my face went crazy. I've never really responded well to topicals, as my face usually never got better nor worse based solely on topicals, leading me as well as my dermatologist to believe my acne is 100% hormonal. A year and a half ago I was put on 50mg spironolactone once a day. Well my skin got better after
  7. So, after having acne for around 8 years now, I can honestly say I have no idea if my skin is dry, oily or combo. Reason being, I use moisturizer(moderately) but I always seem to be overly oily...but the reason I use moisturizer is because I use Dan's BP (and have for 6 years now) and it dries me out. So honestly, my skin looks dry as in is flakey and dried out from the BP but is also shiney/oily from I guess my natural oiliness, as well as the moisturizer. If I don't moisturize my skin, it j
  8. that's what I'm thinking also, but I've only taken it twice :/ hmmmm I don't know but I've decided to start taking more vitamins so maybe it'll help some, along with lots of water and a good diet!
  9. So over the past week my T-Zone (which is where I commonly break out, when breakouts do occur) has completely broken out, in all the normal spots, but I am on Spironolactone, and have been for almost a year now and I have had wonderful results. The only thing I can think of that I have changed is that I have started taking folic acid supplements once a day, because I have stomach ulcer issues and had a flare up this weekend, which at that point I also took a prescribed ulcer medication which is
  10. What moisturizer do you use? I have been on the hunt for a good one that won't break me out but leave me moisturized yet not with a greasy face, and I've been looking for a VERY long time. I'd love to hear your recommendations :)
  11. I just started a blog about my journey through having braces as an adult and I will also be posting about other things, one being my struggle with acne over the years and how I have finally managed to control it. Please check it out, follow me on there and don't hesitate to ask questions http://braceface87.blogspot.com/
  12. SO I would love a cleanser that I can use that will wash my makeup off, not break me out and work as a cleanser. I have found that the cetaphil gentle cleanser just basically sits on my face and I have to scrub to get makeup off which only irritates my breakouts more :/ So, any suggestions for a good cleanser that will actually help my skin and still be able to take off my makeup at the end of the day? thanks!
  13. I've been using cetaphil for probably a couple years now and it, of course, makes my skin disgustingly shiny and my skin is still dry. Any suggestions for a new, gentle, acne-safe moisturizer that will ACTUALLY moisturize and not give me a horrible shine? thanks!
  14. So those of you who have tried Spiro, did you get an initial/purge breakout? I think I'm in that process now. My face looks absolutely horrendous It was bad before but since started the medicine (5 days ago) it has really gotten bad. I'm hoping this is just the purging stage and it'll go away soon. I've also started Aczone as well, not so sure about it yet either. I've only used it 4 times! Let me know your thoughts
  15. So I gave up..I finally caved and decided to make an appointment with a dermatologist. My skin has only gotten worse over the past year and since stopping my birth control in the past 2 months, it's gone nuts. I've never felt so discouraged, every time I look in the mirror my eyes fill with tears. My appointment is Friday, April 1st and I absolutely cannot wait! For now I'm using the Avene Retinol cream which is raved about by so many, for me, it does absolutely nothing. I want to try some b.p