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  1. I am mixing low dosage of iso 10mg with tretinoin cream 0,25 no problem
  2. Hello Well i will start taking thyoid support any one have experience if good or bad for acne? and hair loss? thank a lot looking forward for any reply
  3. Hello, Well i will like to know if my breakout could be Mirtazapine? since i read a few post people saying that caused them acne, if that the case, any sleeping pill recomendation? That dont cause acne or hairloss, will be much apreciatted I am currently taking 15mg of Mirtazapine at nite, well thanks to all and looking forward for any reply cheers
  4. Hello, thanks for the reply Well yes its hard to ask, but i am looking for new or the best procedures and ask my mother if my dad has had them, In other way i just contact a specialist from Chile who appears in the list of doctors on this page to coordinate an hour, so we will see how that goes also, But like i told you, its pretty similar to the photo i put in the post, but all over his back. greetings and thanks
  5. Hello, Well this is sad to write, i was talking with my mother about my moderate acne that i am threaten with accutante, When she told me about the acne scars of my father, that he have been hiding from all all his life, i am 28 and NEVER see his back, i have seen him with no tshirt but he always manage to hide his back, Well she told me crying that he have try everything with no success, he have a lot of money, so money if not an issue, is there something new? because if he