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  1. Hola yo lei que la doctora oconnor es buena especialista para cicatrices en chile, de la clinica estoril, pero no recuerdo donde lo lei y tampoco conozco alguna experiencia, pero si se que lo lei de un foro gringo.
  2. well i am in secound course of accutane, try it all diet, ,excercise , etc, but acne is way worst than the side effects of accutane, thats my experience.
  3. Hello Well i am in low dosage of isotretinoin, and starting to take Amoxicilling + clavunate It helping, but i know its not good to take antibiotics for a long time, when should i stop it? how long is the course?i have been 1 week. Any experience much apreciated. thanks to all
  4. well for me, make my scar hole worst, but FOR ME.
  5. Well, i think Isotretinoin and Healthy eat after, i think bad eating cause acne, and when acne start, you need to reset to 0 with Isotretinoin.
  6. Yes its hard, since like everything healthy i eat, like it dont full me, like still hungry, will look to calories healthy acne free foods, thanks
  7. Yes, 10mg its to low dont work for me, and antibiotics not a long term solution, thanks anyways
  8. Hello I am 28 years old male, second course of isotretinoin, low dosage, 10mg daily, cystic acne dont go away, it has improved, but still having, any recommendation much apreciated thanks
  9. Hello Well currently i am trying to get acne free food, but cant find what to order in Food Aplications, Mostly food is greasy, cooked with vegetal oil, like nothing 100% acne free, since i started eating healthy i have lost like 5kg and i dont want to lose weight, any food recomendation order to gain weight and acne free? i am living in vietnam, so its really hard to find. thanks to all
  10. You just need to check all the cases, in one month by my experience and what i have read, 80% chance of getting worst acne, it take atleast 2-3 months to start to work.
  11. Hello Well i have 2 holes in my forehead, the color is the same, but under light that is not frontal, they create like a shadow, its there any cream like to fill the holds instantly, I dont wanna a treatment to make the scar better, i am already at micronedling and a special cream, i am looking sort of make up, like instant lift or something well any recommendation much appreciated i was thinking to order this one from amazon its a insta wrinkles filler (Serious Ski
  12. Hello, Well in my case i am, but becouse iam in low dosage of tretinoin, so i dont get the skin very dry, if its very dry avoid,