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  1. Hi I am planning to do a liver cleanse/flush. I was just wondering if anybody has any suggestions on what liver cleanse available in the market is the best. I looked at one of the websites which detailed a home reciepe for liver cleanse but it involved alot of careful measuring of ingredients and knowing myself I will most probably mess it up, so yeah best to just buy one. Any other advice on liver cleanse will also be greatly appreciated. ~me .....and the battle goes on *sigh*
  2. Has anyone ever used this topical, i have soft scars and i really hate them, i was planning to use this vita-k thingy as it says see results with first application but all the research i have done says scars take time to heal...... here is the link to it https://www.londondrugs.com/Cultures/en-US/...mp;ProductTab=3