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  1. I think I read somewhere on here that people recover from propecia but not from accutane. How is that even possible?? Propecia is way more dangerous than accutane(to a male at least). Post finasterade syndrome is much more well known. I have no doubt that accutane can be dangerous but makes me wonder how many people here bought it online and wasn't administrated by a doctor? It's a lot more dangerous under those circumstances.
  2. Sorry but what did you mean by it treats acne in a way that goes against what your body does?
  3. Found this website claiming Accutane is the most dangerous drug ever made. Don't know if theyre trying to sell their stuff or what. I see this on a lot of natural acne website saying Accutane is the worst thing ever. What do you guys think of this? Is Accutane the most dangerous drug ever made? http://healthimpactnews.com/2012/popular-acne-drug-is-one-of-the-most-dangerous-drugs-ever-made/ edit: sorry link isn't taking right to page. just type Accutane into search bar and youll see.
  4. Just curious if anyone who has taken Accutane in the past as a teenager have hormone issues now? Its been 14 years since ive been on it and recently I have experienced sexual problems. I went to the doctor last year and he said that I had prostatitis which I thought could have been from too much sexual activity. I actually think I have tight pelvic floor which causes the prostatitis symptoms. Does it sound Ludacris that a med I took 14 years ago for 6 months would cause these issues? I worr
  5. I've taken cipro for a month until I realized that I had the nonbacterial kind. Got a blood test a few weeks ago and everything seemed fine. I am taking a probiotics right now also.
  6. A lot of ignorance here. Sad that you think you have enough knowledge and experience to tell people they should not change their diet and do nothing except "manage stress", you should learn some physiology before posting full of crap posts (sorry but that make me mad). Keep your deceptions for yourself. Yo... Might I point out that I started this forum topic and have been suffering from the side effects for 8 years? Might I also point out that over those 8 years I have tried A LOT of thing
  7. Anyone have any experience of accutane affecting puberty? There is very scattered reports on the internet about this. I don't want to ask the roaccutane action forum because they think everything under the sun is caused from accutane. Very unbiased.
  8. Just been hearing of accutane affects on dht and since I took it at an age when dht is needed, could it have affected my puberty. I am about 5"11, good muscle tone, strong jaw, chest hair/ ok facial hair. I just got testosterone checked and I'm over the average for a 28 year old. Didn't get my dht checked though. I'm just a big hypochondriac and want to know if anyone else ran into hormonal issues from accutane. Any guys think they might not have matured fully from taking it as a gro
  9. Hey everyone I took accutane when I was 15. Does anyone have any compilications from taking it during puberty? Any hormonal issues? Does one think accutane would interfere with sexual development?
  10. Got these white scars on neck. Making me really depressed. Any way to treat them? Do you think accutane causes one to scar like this?
  11. Got these white scars on neck. Making me really depressed. Any way to treat them? Do you think accutane causes one to scar like this?
  12. wanted to see if anyone knew what the name of thse scars on my upper back and if anyone has similar ones. also, how bad do you think they are? theyre not really that bumpy. any suggestions on how to get rid of them?