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  1. Sounds like a combination of allergen avoidance and severe caloric restriction
  2. Hi! thank you for sharing this.Besides coconut which of the avoid foods were you regularly consuming? Did you also change the timing of your meals and the portion size? Which supplements did you take? What did viome recommend regarding the foods that showed up on the food sensitivity tests you had done previously? And did that change the second time around?
  3. Should be good but you need to be consuming a LOT of calories; especially if you’re massively undereating like most people here. thyroid will speed you up metabolically and raise your body’s needs so you will need to provide it with a surplus of vitamins and minerals (preferably not from supplements) If you want to support your thyroid avoid fluoride (toothpaste, unfiltered water), increase your calories, get sunlight and most importantly eat fresh/non-canned seafood (get selenium from shr