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  1. Oh yea also is it possible to get it from the GP?
  2. Hey, just wondering if Retin-A is avaliable on the NHS at all?. Don't wanna seem like an idiot when I ask ym derm next month. Thanks.
  3. thanks for the replies, Ill def try and persuade me dermatologist on my next visit. Thanks.
  4. sorry for the double post, I forgot to ask does it also shrink large pores at all?.
  5. I dont suppose you would know if the effect is permanent or just as long as your using it?
  6. Hey, I have shallow scars that are not very noticeable and was wondering how effective retin-a is at dealing with them?. Thanks
  7. Hey, I've been reading all the new posts about lasers and 90% are horror stories, I was just wondering however how safe this type of Laser Resurfacing is. http://www.llc.co.uk/skinresufacing.html I'm not endorsing or advertising the clinic, I have Very shallow scars, and not many of them but It is something I want to sort my my peace of mind. How safe is the proposed laser of that clinic? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  8. Varran


    Hey, I'm currently using Bio-Oil to reduce the apperance of my shallow scars and was just wondering how it actually works. Do the ingridients just make the skin healthier thus making the scars less visible or does it actually help the scars in any way. I appreicate any responses.
  9. Hey this is just a quick question. I was just wondering how sensitive being on accutane has made my skin. Is it safe for me to be using Gariner PURE-A daily treatment moisturiser. It contains salicylic acid & zinc. Just wondering if im doing more damage than good. Plus I would love to how much everyones skin improved post-accutane. I am hoping I'm happier with my skin after I come off tane.
  10. Hey, I'm on my second month of accutane and will be finished at the end of september, My acne is completely gone but I am left with some mild scarring, shallow ones. I have two questions which I would be very grateful if anyone could answer, When on accutane does it make your skin somewhat dislikeable, like will my skin generally improve when I come off, Plus how long would I have to wait after coming off accutane to undergo fraxel co2/Laser reurfacing. I would be very thankful for an
  11. Thanks Ill look into fraxel. I may be wrong then about accutane but its just I read that you cant get waxxed 6 months post accutane as the skin can rip etc. I was told by dermatologist that my skin would be more fragile during the course.
  12. Ok I feel very silly now, I didn't say my main question . What I really wanted to know was what are the best ways to reduce the apperance of mild scars with different approchaes. I know my scars will always be with me but I wanted to know the best way of reducing their appearances even slghtly, through supplements etc. Also I am prepared to give procedures and techniques time to work. Thank you.
  13. Hello all, First off I would just like to say this this website and its community are brilliant, it has helped me a lot throughout the journey that is acne. My name is Johnnie and am on my second month of Istretinoin ( Roaccutane ), my acne has bassically cleared up which is a very big surprise to me. My whole face was bassically inflammed with whiteheads but it has bassically vanished. But of course thats only half the journey, I am now dealing with the scars and thats why I'm post