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  1. The 10 people who use this forum have already reported their side effects, I can assure you
  2. Only thing that will help accutane hairloss is heavy immuno-suppressant drugs, but I can't recommend them because the risk/reward isn't high enough. They worked for me, but now I eat strictly anti-inflammatory and am having some success but the diffuse hairloss won't ever fully stop. I think most people with accutane hairloss will find that nothing will easily stop it
  3. Yeah hairloss is the worst accutane side effect by far. Maybe ED tops it, but barely.
  4. I'm under the impression that vitamins, and most supplements, won't do a thing for these variety of symptoms people still have
  5. I read that a long time ago. Just adds more evidence to the autoimmunity angle of isotretinoin
  6. This guy did the same thing, took fin after iso because of hairloss [removed]
  7. I agree with TJ, Aarons' posts are a nuisance to even scroll through. I highly doubt anyone reads them. I could CARE LESS which fast food chain you went to the past week. I say we focus on actual developments to what we know, such as autoimmunity, and stop focusing on if a McDonalds Cheeseburger makes your symptoms 10% worse
  8. Well, the thing about autoimmune diseases is that there is currently no cure. So if we go down the school of thought that PAS is an autoimmune disease of its own kind, then we should be looking at medications used for other autoimmune diseases such as arthritis. I'm still on apremelist and have good news but I'll share my findings at a later date so I don't get everyone's hopes up.
  9. I know hardly anything about LDN, I just wanted to share that a person is successfully treating his symptoms with it. I'll ask what their dose is
  10. Anyone here try Low Dose naltrexone? Someone messaged me saying they have been treating all of their accutane side effects with it. And what do you know, it's used for autoimmunity diseases. ... really starting to believe in accutane producing its own autoimmune disease in the body.
  11. Went to dentist yesterday to find I have 3 cavaties. Yes, 3. This is very out if the blue given I have had perfect teeth before accutane, and still brush daily. Very confused. Could be unrelated, but I wouldn't doubt the lack of saliva in my mouth after accutane played a factor
  12. I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about fasting, but has anyone here tried a water fast of 30+ straight days? Curious
  13. Question- Anyone here getting/have gotten the covid vaccine? I'm absolutely not getting it
  14. Would not work because the generic isotretinoin companies are not able to be sued