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  1. I did stop drinking all caffeine for a week and it cleared up pretty well. Now i'm going to see if I break out with drinking just one cup of coffee per day instead of an energy drink. As far as dairy, the only dairy i really eat is cottage cheese and whey protein. they are a staple of my diet, and can't really be changed.
  2. Ive always seen that listed as a myth. The serious acne sites always claimed that the belief that various foods caused acne was a total myth. Its very difficult for someone who isnt a researcher to trace it down to a cause because when you get acne it could be caused by many other things besides food. However, I discounted it but after seeing a fairly clear causal link in my case I do think various foods do tend to cause acne in some people. In my case I was addicted to coffee to stay awake. I
  3. For the past year or so I was consuming sugar free energy drinks every day a few months ago i started getting acne on my forhead only, and i was wondering if maybe the energy drinks have had anything to do with it? for the past two weeks i cut all energy drinks and caffeine (except green tea) out of my diet; which is otherwise pretty clean i also started using salicylic acid 2% in the past week or so as well. it seems to be clearing up a little at a time, but i'm curious if that has anythin
  4. I'm having a very similar thing happen to me. My breakout is on my forehead only, and looks similar to yours. I work out four days a week, but the past few weeks have taken off and have started recently breaking out. I'm wondering if this is having anything to do with it? Anyway, I've been using various cleaners and nothing seemed to be helping. Today I picked up some SA 2.0% and applied it earlier. It already seems to be helping clear it up. I'm hoping it progresses and helps clear it up