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  1. Will dermaroller treatment give me same improvement as yours?
  2. Thanks guys for the input. I'm gonna go with needling. it seems more promising and no risk of further scarring myself so thats good. I have found quite a few doctors who does this and still looking for the cheapest program. Most come in 6 sessions. So hopefully after 6 sessions may skin have improved. And please update me on your dermarolling at home. thanks.
  3. Which is better in terms of down time or could any of them cause more scarring, hyperpigmentation? I want to have scar treatment soon and i dont know what treatment is good for me. I have scarred pores, few ice picks and few boxcars. Which would help me to improve my scars??? To those who have tried these treatments please help me in deciding which treatment to do (by professionals).
  4. What is the most effective and fastest scar treatment for ice picks and few boxcars that could hopefully eradicate most of them in four months? Please please need your help or any input. Thanks.
  5. my pores are getting bigger and connecting to other scars!!!! i have very mild acne now and i dont understand what is happening to my pores. I have only started noticing these changes when i started having TCA peel 10% (done by doctor) and taking Vitamin A 50,000 IU and Vitamin C 500 mg (both twice a day) prescribed by dermatologist. I am noticing new scars every week. What should i do?
  6. I cant believe what just happened to one of my new scar. let me describe this new scar. it is only about a month old and is still very red. i dont know what type of scar but it looks like a saucer or big circle (not good at describing sorry) some nights ago i did this acv method. and now i have just noticed that it has leveled completely but still red and looks like the skin is pulling (?) not sure if this is the right term. but i am just so happy i cant believe it. For my other old scar i
  7. Send me an international money order and I'll ship it right out, lol. Hmmm. I am getting tempted. Haha
  8. i_ming, i live in the Philippines.
  9. I envy you people because you can buy DIM and there's a chance for you to get clear skin.
  10. I have just applied ACV on my 3 scars with a toothpick about 10 times. It didnt sting nor turn red. Should i do this every night for 2 weeks or till it form a scab?
  11. Try TCA Cross or ACV and Vitamin C to treat your scars.
  12. I want to try this treatment because it's cheap and convenient. I have one question though, can i still do this even though i have few acne?
  13. I can't find DIM in stores in my country i am here in Asia and would like to try this supplement. Do you think online shops will ship this to the Philippines and another thing though i have no credit card. So there is no hope for me in trying this product. Another question, will DIM work for me since i think my ance is hereditary (got it from dad)? Or are there any alternatives for DIM? Thanks. Please i need help. I am already 25 years old and still with acne!!!!