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  1. I will urge you to not do TCA peel at home as it can be really dangerous and should be done by professionals. It should not be done in a non regulated environment. You can learn more about chemical peels here: https://www.acne.org/chemical-peels.html @Username3663 please don't suggest people to do TCA peel at home.
  2. Thank you so much for sharing an update with us after such a long time!
  3. Hi Dilip! While I don't have the answer to your question, I believe creating a new thread with your problem will help you find answers as this is quite an old thread.
  4. Glad to hear this update from you after a long time!
  5. You can check out this article: https://www.acne.org/can-wearing-a-face-mask-trigger-or-worsen-acne.html
  6. MODERATOR POST PLEASE READ It has come to our attention that a heated argument is going on in this thread. As a result, we will be locking this thread temporarily. I would like to remind everyone that you can block a member by choosing the “Ignore User” option instead of getting into arguments. Please read the rules below carefully before you carry on commenting on this thread once it has been unlocked: This forum is moderated and we are keeping a close eye on reported cont