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  1. do you mean dermabraison? I’ve heard that can be really risky especially on the nose because the skin there is different than the rest of your face. You should check the hypertrophic scars forum for better info on taking care of those. I can tell you I have seen good improvement in my raised scars after using a retinoid consistently after many months. That isn’t too expensive and you can start while you save up for other procedures.
  2. Cool, thanks! Someone I haven’t seen in like a month actually told me my scars looked better today, so I know it’s not in my head! Is there anything else I can do to help my skin through this period? I want to help my skin heal as much as possible. Is it bad to exfoliate or should I just moisturize a lot? I use a glycolic face wash sometimes when I need it- but is it better to leave it completely alone when it flakes? Should I be using an occlusive?
  3. Lately just the areas of scarred skin on my face have been getting flaky, and in some of my dent scars i’m getting almost tiny zits around the edges? Most of my scarring is pretty textural overall, but it’s still pretty significant. I haven’t changed my routine lately but i’ve been on a retinoid (tret and then aklief gel) for nearly 8 months now consistently, and have been on spiro and bc pills for about 2.5 to 3 months to control my acne from a bad reaction to a birth control. My scars ar
  4. Sarah- if you want, PM me for his site. I’ve been getting help from him for my scar plan there. Also I asked him about the ebook he said this website took it down, but he may rerelease a new one from his site. Honestly scar sufferers can be really high maintenance so it’s good that he can now give people the personalized help they need. It is definitely the same person, hard to explain but you can tell based on the way he writes the same way on his old posts here and when correspo
  5. Yeah of course she seems like a really good doctor, I’m sure you’ll be in great hands. Let us know how it all goes
  6. @acnescars2000 is planning on getting this done soon I think. And I’m pretty sure she sees your doctor. Her post has some info about it. I only learned about the procedure through her thread
  7. They work different. Sculptra is injected to widespread volume loss and stimulates your natural collagen production before it dissolves- leaving you with your own body’s collagen as a replacement. Bellafill is little artificial beads placed under your skin- your body is supposed to latch on around it and surround it with collagen to fill in the scar. Bellafill doesn’t dissolve so if they mess up you’re left with lumps and according to some doctors the little beads can migrate with time. Bo
  8. I saw a comment on another thread asking if anyone knew much about Dr Hazany, drcancerkiller on instagram. I’m also curious to hear if any of you have gone to him or had a consultation with him. His work looks good and it seems like he offers a lot of different treatments. He does Taylor Liberator subcision as well as normal cannula subcisions. On his website it looks like he uses phenol or TCA for CROSS, depending on your needs. He has RF devices (infini but not genius it looks like). He’s
  9. hey @BlueMaloney dont have any recommendations for you, but i was wondering about how much improvement did you see on your scars from the subcisions?
  10. Oh nice ok, thanks for the reply! You didn’t get filler with the first subscision either? In your first entry on this post you said something about salmon dna but I must have just got confused. I’m American and I can’t find much from people who got the salmon filler so that made me curious Your progress looks so great by the way! Even cooler you didn’t have to spend the money using filler to get those results
  11. Hey AcneScarGuy- did you use Rejuran S or a different type of Rejuran? I know Rejuran S is made especially for acne scars but I haven't been able to find much info on people using that specific type of the filler. I guess in Singapore (and maybe SK?) there are laws about the before and after pictures you can post so there aren't too many pictures online. How long did the filler last? Did you get it topped up this last time? This documentation is very helpful- I loved your new video
  12. The FDA recently approved this new retinol called Aklief/trifarotene. It’s the first new retinol in like 20 years and it’s supposed to work a bit different than the older ones. About a month and a half ago my tret.05% prescription was changed to aklief. It seems to be doing it’s job in preventing/clearing acne but i’m also concerned with whether or not it helps remodeling scars like tretinoin or tazorac or whatever. I can’t find much information about it online because it’s so new. Are any of yo