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    port isabel/san antonio, texas
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    i like tennis, skating ,dancing(bboy beginner), music ,good friends ,golf, basketball, movies n t.v.,parties-tx style-,<br />and martial arts =]
  1. ok so my acne is slowing down but very slowly and my blackheads on my nose are gone ....my skin is getting smoother and it seems to be working
  2. naw but the clay soap is kind of brownish and the title and everything is in spanish so i dont think theres many brands out there....
  3. i know two ppl who had used it and are now clear of acne and thier scars are gone too it looks like they never had it but idk how long it will take and what else they did with it but ive heard alot of good things about it so il keep everyone posted up on whats going on with my face... so far my forehead is looking pretty good and my left and right side of my cheeks are looking okay they stil have alot of scarring and my temples have gone back to normal with jus a couple of marks there ....my ri
  4. alright il post a topic or somethiing to keep everyone informed on how its helping me...
  5. yeah it worked for my friends but im not sure how its gonna work for me but yea if u live in tx it shouldnt be too hard to get ahold of lol
  6. if u can go to a lil mexican store im sure u can find this clay soap but if not then i would recomend the internet...i literally went to mexico to get it so idk....
  7. so i have moderate acne with maybe severe acne .....its basically everywhere right now and have scars n such ....my personal expierence with over the counter and prescription products have failed miserably and now i got this clay soap from mexico and two ppl i know have used this and are now acne free and i just started about a week ago ....my face has seen a lil bit of results but i still have along way to go.....i use the blackhead scrub for my face while in the shower and occaisionally usethe
  8. lol con air =p

  9. thaNK you so much for the replies u left on my posts cuz they are helping and it seems like u know where im coming from....

  10. yess people and thank you for all the replies cuz im really taking all of ur information and trying to utilize it but i am unfortanetly limited on money cuz i am not rich or have alot of it but if its prescribed i can get it for free from the doctor but i cant afford a dermatologist the closest one is like 40 mins away and it costs money for me to visit them and i jus cant afford it i am seeing results with my regimen but the acne is still there and if u know of any over the counterproducts th
  11. Con air im guessing? I love that movie!!!

  12. its this neutrogena soap wash to open my pores then i use the bp from neutrogena spot treatment then i use the moistroizer from clean and clear
  13. i still have quite a bit of acne but im dong better with the nuetrogena stuff i have a lil combo thing i trying n it seems to be working the quality of my actual skin is getting better but im still getting some whiteheads and these bump like acne things...its been about a week and a half
  14. ok i jus bought these neutrogena products :acne on the spot treatment...cleansing pads...and the soap stuff... im gonna try them all out see how everything works il keep u guys posted...