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  1. you're not the only person that gets pimples above the lip. I have gotton them also, they are very painful. I dont kno y, asked my dermatologist and he wasnt able to give me an answer either. I let them come and dont worry about what others think because i have tests to prove im healthy. It gets aggravating at times but i find a way to pull through.
  2. I am a bigger person (6'2 210 pounds) and I have almost no scaring even though my ance was very bad.
  3. I think this a trend, like I stated before, My doctor only tested me twice in 5 months.
  4. 40mg should be fine. I weigh 210 pounds. Once I got put on 80mg, I was clear in no time.
  5. I am not sure what I am going to use. My skin is finally getting oily again, but still no breakouts. I am probalby gonna start washing my face every night before I go to bed and see how that works. Right now I am just enjoying not doing anything to me face and not breaking out, I love it.
  6. Its normal. My skin got very shiny, red and dry. Use lotion like its running out of style, and just use water to wash your face. Stay out of the sun.
  7. I drank a ton while on accutane, and limited my drug usage to only 1 thing, that I did maybe 3-4 times. When drinking dont drink your normal amount, drink half, you will notice the big difference. My biggest mistake was drinking like I used to when I wasnt on accutane and getting very sick.
  8. Thanks everyone! Frankie- I didnt take anything before accutane, I tried so many things, and It didnt completely clear me, but also I didnt have that bad of acne. It got REALLY bad when Is started basketball again, and I guess I was a late bloomer, but brother had horrible acne as well around my age. My Intial breakouts werent bad until I started using 40mg-80mg a day(I got a new break with ever new dosage increase). About new breakouts, I get 1 zit like under my nose every month or so(well I
  9. Pain was gone a month or so after I stopped taking it.
  10. Weird, I had bad acne the first 2 months, then I went back to school and started drinking again, It cleared up in afew weeks... hmm.
  11. She told me I was going to be sore, but the pain was pretty bad at times. To tell you the truth, I was stupid, I didnt tell her about the extent to the pain, so I was never taken off. In the long run it paid off.
  12. Being clear is great, accutane did wonders.
  13. Yeah, Pain is completely gone, I just wish I was in shape I can run now and not be sore the next day.
  14. I only had my blood tested twice in a 5 month period. The second time, after 3 months, she said something was high, but not to worry about it, I never had another blood test(which is fine with me, I hate them) and I turned out great. No worries, just read the accutane FAQ.