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  1. so should i use sunblock to moisturize my skin all the time? and when i dab it on just leave it on all day till i wash again right?
  2. uh anyone know? ill drink a good amount the night before and wake up it seems like my face is greasier and stays greasier as the week progress'!?..
  3. Will the oil coming from my nose be gone when im finished with this accutane for good? anyone have similar exp?
  4. Where can i find this accutane and wat is it? Im hearing it performed miracles for people with greasy faces! My problem is that my face is very oily...my nose especially!!! really there is nothing i can do when it gets extremely oily during the day when im out and i dont think i can use anything to else to stop my face from getting oily other than this accutane that people are saying is so great! Will it be good for my oily ass nose/face??please help:/
  5. is it ok if the spf is 45? wat does that mean?
  6. damnit i keep forgetting things to ask ;/ if i can leave it on when i leave the house all day can i put some lotion over it if i have dry skin also?
  7. also its mint flavored that should be fine right? just rub over where my face usually gets oily
  8. Ok so i bought this MOM should i just put on as mask for 10 min after i wash my face than rinse? also would it be bad if i left it on almost like all day so my face doesnt get greasy when i am out and cant get the chance to wash my face? will it work like that? also whats it mean to use it as a primer
  9. seb84 that milk of magnesia really helpif you have crazy oily skin? that stuff is for your stomache correct? how would i apply that on as a mask and would i do that instead of my dialy face wash or like before or after it?
  10. Ok i got the milk of magnesia. its this minty laxative for your stomache? just apply this to my whole face for 10 minutes and just rinse off and i should be fine? before or after my daily face wash?? or just instead of the face wash? i just started trying clearasil that should be fine too right?
  11. Thanks guys i appreciate the help i can find those things at local drug store?
  12. Ive had it since i was about 16 im now 20. it started when i tried proactive thats when the oily skin came in and wont go away now. i wash my face and oil starts to build up after like 20 30 min more and more where its just rediculous. its very embarassing is there anything i can do to stop waking up with oily ass face cause i stay home a lot do to this problem along with the acne is quite embarassing. ;( i cant even stay over the ladies house ill just wake up and she be like whoa. does anyone k