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  1. It was a CO2 laser CO2RE deep mode fractional with a 60-62 jules, 5% setting. I had enlarged pores before, but not like that, and no scarring.
  2. Thank you both for responding. I talked to 4 doctors so far. 3 of them denied anything is going on. Dr. Silva from Sacramento was the only one helpful. Her diagnosis is that my skin overreacted (or the laser was too strong) which caused abnormal collagen production. That basically means my skin is scarring all over. The area that was treated feels tight like a mask, uncomfortable to move, not as flexible as before. The texture is uneven, waxy, and it's not absorbing liquids normally.
  3. I had a CO2 laser treatment 7 weeks ago. It's now 7 weeks post-op and my skin has an unnatural waxy orange peel texture. The pores are much larger than before and forming lines. The skin feels tight on my face. Has anyone had similar experience? Did the situation improve? I'm researching extensively and talking to world class dermatologists to get to the bottom of this. Money is not an issue. I would love to connect with anyone affected and research together. Read my full story bellow.
  4. Hi Mark. The same thing is happening to me after CO2 laser (see pictures). It's getting worse every day. I'm researching my options, talking to many dermatologists, but no answers. Did you find out anything? Did it get any better? See my full story bellow. I had a CO2 laser treatment on my upper face 7 weeks ago. I have a very oily skin with enlarged pores. Aim was to improve texture and tighten pores. It was a CO2RE deep mode fractional with a 60-62 jules, 5% setting. It heale