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  1. fasting this long can hurt your metabolism from personal experience. only in cases of disease or parasitic infection would it be worth it. your body thinks it's starving and lowers your metabolism. juicing would be better. at least juice lemons. they are cleansing and provide calories. cardio exercise is not good while fasting.
  2. thank u! exactly someone gets it. I do take Vitamin C 1,000mg four times a day. I had to take up to 4,000 mg of Vitamin C 3 times a day. I think you will notice a major difference if you increase your dose. I stir it in water and add stevia. For me personally, bentonite clay was much more effective than vitamin c. You notice effects in 30 minutes to an hour of drinking it. You have to take about 1-2 teaspoons to deal with herx once a day apart from your vitamins/supplements. It reduced c
  3. thank u! exactly someone gets it. I do take Vitamin C 1,000mg four times a day. I had to take up to 4,000 mg of Vitamin C 3 times a day. I think you will notice a major difference if you increase your dose. I stir it in water and add stevia. For me personally, bentonite clay was much more effective than vitamin c. You notice effects in 30 minutes to an hour of drinking it. You have to take about 1-2 teaspoons to deal with herx once a day apart from your vitamins/supplements. It reduced c
  4. I understand die off unlike some of the other posters. I have had it for over a year every day--moderate to severe where your limbs go numb, you shake, can't exercise, and can't focus. I finished one of my protocols so it's much improved, but I also found Vitamin C powder and bentonite clay taken daily in large doses to be the most helpful supplements. Are you taking either of these?
  5. At first I lost about 10 lbs on the strict anti-candida diet but I was just eating low-starch vegetables, olive and flaxseed oil, and protein. My hair was very dry so I added in more fats even though they make my skin slightly worse. For this diet you could try avocado, raw nuts or seeds. They minimally gave me acne while Coconut oil gave me terrible acne. I can handle raw almond butter and almond meal to make pancakes with. A 16 oz bag of frozen green beans a day also fills me up. My intestin
  6. I didn't single out women. (Although I will take a playful stab at them for being sensitive now :surprised:) Inactive women just need the least calories, that's simply why I made that choice. I don't know if this is true because height, weight, metabolic rate, and pregnancy factor into how many calories an inactive person needs. So many inactive men need less calories than inactive women. Raw veganism does not include eating grains unless they are sprouted. The foods that I find infamm
  7. One thing I noticed is you posted that you guys are brushing your teeth right afer drinking the lemon juice. That's not a good idea. You should brush your teeth immediately after eating cookies or sweets, but you have to wait an hour after eating/drinking anything acidic to brush your teeth. That includes soda, fruit, and vinegar salad dressings. Otherwise, you will scratch your enamel and harm your teeth permanently. Rinsing your mouth with water is the best thing you can do.
  8. I have tried this powder off & on as I deal with candida. I had been doing the anti-candida diet for over 2 months prior to my most recent trial. I have noticed that glucomannan does not discourage candida growth. I know this, because I take a cellulase enzyme at night that causes stomach upset only if candida is in my stomach & is being killed by the enzyme. So if I use the glucomannan while eating any food with carbs like potatoes or pasta without added sugar, I get stomach upset aft
  9. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the reason that soy is so terrible for people with acne: It is one of the most mucus-producing foods for the body. That's right. Let's think about what other foods produce a high amount of mucus in the digestive track and glands. There's dairy and wheat, both of which are widely accepted as acne triggers. The more mucus, the more candida and parasites can hide in the digestive track which disrupts the beneficial bacteria and leads to leaky gut. Secondly,
  10. I couldn't do more than a tablespoon a day at first cuz it made me very nauseas and made me feel like I could never eat again. Same thing happened when I increased antifungals and just recently when I cycled to oregano oil from garlic. And yes, each time I would break out, and the severity correlated with the other symptoms of die-off. I ate enough coconut oil each day to the point that I could tell if I had any more Id get sick. After a month or so I can eat 5-6 tablespoons no problem. I now h
  11. It depends on where you are in your candida treatment. If you are past die off, DO NOT risk going off your diet. If you are still in the die off stage, then you might have to add 1/4 cup of grains or legumes to slow down the amount of toxins released by the fungus. Rest is recommended during the first few months of any candida plan if there is die off. My Candida killing regimen recently gave me the flu for the first time in 4 years and a gallbladder attack for the first time from consuming 2
  12. My skin was better when I ate 1 serving of fruit a day. I have gotten deep cysts on my face from eating both organic butter and EV Organic coconut oil. So the anti-candida diet has made my acne worse. If I eat only fish/protein and veggies then my skin is nearly 100% clear, but this diet is not healthy or medically sound and has given me cravings for carbs and fats. I tested yogurt and acv and think they may feed yeast, but they didn't give me severe acne like coconut oil and butter.
  13. ryudoadema- I don't get how you can take that much coconut oil. I tried taking 1-2 Tb over the last 4 days and it's been bad news. I have developed cheek and jawline deep acne, been sweating, shoulder blade pain, and a headache. People need to watch out: if candida is past the leaky gut stage and in the blood stream and in the liver, then you may have a problem digesting fats. That's what's happening to me. That is why I have candida. It's a circular problem. I can't eat fats so I choose what I
  14. what's the deal with yogurt? does it convert to sugar or not? does ACV trigger yeast? i read that the strictest anti-candida diet without fruit, starches, legumes, nuts, dairy, and grains in not medically sound and it is only recommended for 1 month since candida needs to be eradicated through any means necessary. probably the lack of vitamin c from fruits is the major insufficiency. i am getting different info on whether whole gluten-free grains are good to bring back after the second month or
  15. An update: I previously did not notice acne reduction using glucomannan and had an allergic reaction to the powder on my throat. I believe that the powder didn't work for me, because I had leaky gut caused by candida and my intestinal wall was beyond the power of being helped by glucomannan. I have been on the strictest candida diet and been doing a parasite cleanse for one month. Because my diet does not allow fruit, dairy, legumes, or grains, I obviously developed a food craving the other d
  16. Anti-Em I saw your posts in the candida forum. If you are having problems with candida because you took antibiotics that proves that adverse reactions to basic drugs are not overhyped and may be contributing to your acne. So I do not understand your posting in one forum that avoiding wheat and cheese is reducing your acne, but then posting here that accutane worked for you and not taking it means someone is scared. Did it or did it not work for you and if so for how long? Why are you not sugges
  17. You weren't telling the whole truth: you were just describing worst case scenarios, so I used the term "horror stories". According to your logic describing a car crash to someone about to get in a car is telling them the truth. It's not, unless you put the risks into perspective. Next time your doctor puts you on antibiotics or any other form of medication for something look at the list of potential side effects. That would be enough to scare you off taking them, but the reality is you ar
  18. My bowel issues became crazy too only after I began cutting out foods and then eating them again after let's say 6 months had passed. For example, I never had any digestive problems when I ate bread, but after not eating it for 8 months and then eating a piece of healthy sourdough again my stomach starting making whooshing noises and I got canker sores in my mouth. This happened with other food categories that I omitted too like fruits, sugars, grains, and legumes. I thought I had celiac disease
  19. Msingrains, so what kind of liver flush are you doing because i wanted to also but don't know which kind is best for candida? I have already done 3 liver flushes. Two were the epsom salts, grapefruit/olive oil classic liver flush. The third I tried the same without adding any fruit juice to the olive oil, because the mix was giving me acne. Turns out I am so sensitive to fats that I have to accept the liver flush will give me a breakout. I saw small stones from each type of liver flush.
  20. I can't digest fats like butter or nuts without breaking out, because my liver is overloaded. That is why I originally started this parasite cleanse. I am finding this anti-candida diet very limiting and the worst I've ever tried, because I don't eat a variety of meats either. Tonight I ate 7 eggs with anchovies for flavor and steamed cabbage. No potatoes, eggplant, pumpkin, carrots, yams, or any vegetables that fill you up. This diet paired with the lethargy from the die-off is terrible. Raw gi
  21. -If it is truly die-off, it will go on forever unless you start a strict anti-candida diet. You kill of some with the supplements or whatever your doing, then the remaining candida multiplys rapidly from your diet to replace whatever you killied. -BTW, I have been strict anti-candida as per http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com, using garlic, coconut oil etc for 2 weeks and also strict before that for about 3 weeks, but then drank booze 2 nights in a row setting me back again and repeating di
  22. I am experiencing my third consistent week of a candida die-off right now. I didn't even know that a parasite cleanse would alert me to that I had this. I didn't have thrush or any of the obvious symptoms. I have to warn you that the die-off is like having the flu and one of the worst experiences I've been through. I don't know how many months it could last. They say it is worse if you really stick to an anti-candida diet, because the candida release toxins as they start to die that overwhelm yo
  23. Seeing as I am still experiencing die off symptoms for roughly 2 weeks now and may have to be on some type of parasite cleanse or another for a year, I really don't have time research topics for you that you can easily google. It is not hard to comprehend that 80% would have parasites as giardia is very common to catch by anyone going into the backcountry and even finds its way into treated water. I know people who caught it from tap water. I think the other reason for the high percentage is
  24. This is good that you are going to continue to look into holistic options. If you are a vegetarian, I personally have noticed that small dietary changes can resolve some of the continual flare ups. I would suggest if you eat eggs to never prepare them using oil. This means don't make scrambled or fried eggs. The best type for me are 2 minute soft-boiled eggs. It's ridiculous that a good protein can become bad when lightly cooked in oil, but it's the truth for me at least. This is also true for v
  25. Your argument of "your body is too weak" was disputed in a forum on people with acne are weak and superhumans don't get acne. Considering 1 in 7 people have celiac disease, anti-nutrients are connected to a large population's digestive distress, as well as, the external conditions like dermatitis herpetiformis that arise from it. Anti-nutrients were considered harmful enough to our ancestors that they soaked their grains for 24 hours or more. So it is not only a starving population that adopted