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  1. I've had artefill recommended to me as well. It just seems unsafe to have a foreign object in your body though, let alone your head.
  2. Hi, Isolagen is only available in the UK right? Can someone give me the contact information of a doctor that does it there?
  3. Hi all, I can have my friend check out the San Diego clinic for us. Where is it in San Diego?
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply. The only product I am using for my full face right now is the BHA, and I do feel the itching right after I use it. The redness lingers throughout the day though. By your suggestion, it seems the best way of doing this would be to reduce the frequency of BHA usage to once every other day or so. I will start doing that today. Also, I've heard of people layering on stuff after they put on BHA. How does that work out? Do you have to wait a certain period of time
  5. Hi all, Just wondering what kind of protection you guys are using for your eyes when using the at home blue lights. I am currently using the goggles that came with my last beautyskin unit, with baking foil taped to it for extra protection. I'm not quite sure if this is sufficient. While I have the goggles on, I cannot see the blue light. In fact, it is pretty much black when I have the goggles on with the blue lights. However, once I turn on the red light, it gets really bright. Has any
  6. Hi all, Recently I started using Paula's choice 2% BHA. I started off using it once a day for the past 2 weeks. I think my skin has gotten a bit better, and I noticed that my blackheads on my nose are getting pushed up slowly, which is a good sign. However, I think my skin has gotten redder from using the BHA, and certain areas of my skin itch sometimes. It appears that the BHA is irritating my skin a bit. My question is regarding whether I should keep using the BHA at the same frequen
  7. Hi all, Wow, that really sucks. So apparently to get the same amount of light as in the studies, I need way more than 2 blue lights, and I must sit within 4-5 inches distance of the bulb, or else most of the power gets lost. I've been doing blue light therapy for around 8 weeks now, but it seems like those 8 weeks have been a waste since I've been doing it all wrong. The instructions said to sit at least 1 foot away from the lights... and thats what I did. However, based on your calculation
  8. Hi all, Techguy, so based on your calculations, about how many Enlux bulbs would I need for optimal full coverage on one side of my face? I think you or someone else stated in a post that Enlux would not provide full coverage on one side of face. Also, based on your calculations, how far would I need to sit from the bulbs for maximum coverage? I read on the instructions to sit at least 1 foot away, but most users here report better results sitting at 4-5' away. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, On my third day of the enlux treatment now. I've been breaking out with small whiteheads that come to a head within a day or two, and generally disappear at a pretty decent rate. I'm considering extending my treatment time from 15 minutes total to about 15 minutes a side, but I had some questions first. Is there a specific reason why the companies/studies done recommend 15 minutes a day instead of using the light as long as you like? I mean, the more you use the light, the faster
  10. Hi all, Just received my enlux bulbs today. I'm going to start using them tonight.
  11. Hi, So I finally ordered the sci art enlux lights... 2 blues and one red. I'll update on the progress as soon as I receive and start using them.
  12. Hi all, So I was reading the instructions for my light.. and I noticed it that it said that initial breakouts are a sign that the product is working. I'm wondering how this can be true... if the blue light does kill acne, then how can it cause more acne when the stuff that is responsible for it is killed off by the light? Can anyone explain this? Also, its been a little over 1 1/2 weeks since I started using my light... I experienced a breakout today... definately a lot more acne right
  13. Hi all, I've been using the Beautyskin light for about 1 1/2 weeks now. The first 5 days I did once a day, the next 5 days I did it twice a day. I haven't really experienced any clearing so far, it doesn't seem like the blue light effects the acne at all. Quite different from the results that the people that are using the sci art blue lights are experiencing. I know I'm supposed to wait up to 12 weeks to see the results, but it seems as if mostly everyone that uses the sci art blue li
  14. Hi, I'm of asian descent too, and following my last Fraxel, I've had redness/pink on my face. Its been about 20 or so days after my last Fraxel, and is noticable. I asked my doctor about it, and he said it was not hyperpigmentation, but post procedure ereythma, which is just basically post procedure redness. He remarked that it was not normal for my skin to stay this red/pink for so long after the Fraxel, and recommended me to put on hydrocortisone for a week to see if it helped the rednes
  15. Hi all, This is offtopic, but I recently just bought a Beautyskin lamp. Though the site advertises 415 nmish blue light spectrum, when I read the user manual, the technical data stated that the blue light was 400-450 nm. Will this make the lamp not as effective as it could be? Also, I am using the goggles that came with the beautyskin lamp. Though they are tinted, it was still very bright when I used the lamp. I tried putting foil over the lens, but I can still tell that it is pretty