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  1. Accept it no one will gives a shit about your back acne, except you.
  2. you could give it a try subcision with genius rfm for building collagen too.
  3. Hmm, if i were you i would search permanent filler for deep ones that bothers you most.
  4. Scars are too deep for dermabrasion if doctor goes that deep your face might scarred more.
  5. In my opinion, scars are deep for dermabrasion my friend.
  6. Is it cheap for residents?
  7. Same all of young dr's i've spoked they dont wanna do dermabrasion, they wanna do lasers.
  8. If scars didnt have fat loss maybe it can work but i bet it will look patchy.
  9. Dr. Emil is a good dr. and caring about his patients he will do his best go for it.
  10. PicoSure, it is best for hyperpigmentation it worked very well for you congrats.