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can i get a new life please

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  1. The device that vary a deep is dr.pen All devices are works same they have no difference, just marketing. Needling works best for scars that doesnt have fat loss if your scars have significant fat loss you might not see the best outcome.
  2. Hi, most likely no topical will work for back acne and your hyperpigmentation they are very stubborn on there reason is that back skin is very thick. What you should do is Swim in sea everyday min. 7 days and lay under sun you will be amazed how sun and sea will erase hyperpigmentation on your back.
  3. Yeah. I hardly remember one person with scars it was 5 6 years ago. I feel like acne scars almost non exist except me. I saw that people get very bad acne but they clear up and literally 0 scars. Acne scars really minority or i dont live on earth.
  4. Go deeper with needling 2-2.25mm Infini no, i bet you cant see any result with infini only thing that device do is giving you plump skin for little time. Go with ablative lasers subcision Dr.H lots of negative rewievs be careful and talk him. Look up dermabrasion too.
  5. Your scars not severe at all its mainly on your neck looks like bruise, if i were you i dont mind having scars like that.
  6. BRUHH... I though your scars were severe, you was saying all kind of shit to me and you got that hollywood skin? Who is bitch now?
  7. Wtf is this shitty quality video, looks like they selling some household items. I think it will do little to acne scars. Our scars are broad, it will looks more ice picky if im not mistaken by the treatment (they cut lots of pin point tissue and heals them) this doesnt sound efficient like almost all known treatments. They even put glittering stars on that video omg xD
  8. Yes but thats a little chance to occur, but im still worried about hyperpigmentation - hypopigmentation. There must be some kind of cream and ointment for faster healing. Also we must take collagen and vitamin supplements to attribute to healing.
  9. Unfortunately not. Im fitzpatrick 4 but ill do test patch like a straight line first.
  10. @harmlessboy1441 did dermabrasion long time ago he is happy about it. its on my mind too i'm gonna do one day. I think best treatment is dermabrasion if scars are lifted.
  11. They are broad boxcar scars i dont see lines maybe you are referring to boxcars edges.
  12. My some scars like yours, they looks broad and shallow i noticed some of these scars like 2 years ago when i examined my other deep scars. i think they were always on your face but you saw one of them and start to examined your skin much and saw other scars. I dont think it can be because of water, they were always there you didnt saw them before because they are too shallow.
  13. I put tret on my skin rn and gave another look on my scars. I didnt know they were this bad these scars always dissapointing me just give me a break and let me live my life, fuck this shit man.
  14. I have a similar complaint like yours. When i go outside for 30minute or so my scars looks absolutely worse but when im in home they look okay-ish.
  15. Classic doctor move, only thing that matter is their satisfaction not patients.
  16. Yeah first test it on small area and make it bleed also test it on 2mm thats the lenght you should use it if everything goes well.