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  1. ive just finished on accutane, and have no active acne! but...i still have quite alot of red marks left which looks like i still have a lot of acne , so i think i am going to have laser treatment on my cheeks. How long should i wait until i have the treatment?
  2. so ive been on accutane for about 4 months now (5 left), and it has got rid of all my active acne...all thats left is alot of red flat marks pretty much all over my face and it looks bad, was just wondering if they were infact red marks or not...pretty confused at the moment...anyway was wondering is there any way to make the red marks fade? or any way to help them heal quicker? pics are on my profile in gallery
  3. sure its not just from licking? from my experience sometimes my lips swell up bad and get red all around and it hurts...but its just from licking them too much cos of the dryness, just an idea
  4. Flumps

    accutane... *sigh*

    pics of my accutane course
  5. i know how u feel, i hate people looking at my face...always try avoid eye contact, acne just fucks everything up..but the thing u have to remember is it will all get better soon especially now your on accutane. just think about how much better things will be in 6 months or so, you will be able to enjoy yourself without thinkin about your skin every 5 seconds. Hang in there
  6. basically...im just pissed off about my acne, ive had it for about 4 years now and its just got worse and worse and its really starting to annoy me. i started accutane about 2 months ago and tbh thats done fuck all....i know i have to be patient but its hard when u have red spots all over your face.... Acne is such a bitch, i mean it just messes u up, you lose all confidence in yourself and everything you do and everything seems like such an effort. so anyway just wanted to let my anger out lol,
  7. ive been told that i will be on an extended course of accutane aswell, i think that the bumps will probally be scars but im not sure so maybe laser treatment?
  8. ive been on accutane for 2 months now, ...slow but its deffinatly working, hope it works for u too
  9. ye i totally agree theres too many bad stories about accutane, most people who take it love what it does to their skin and people shoul take more notice of the good points of accutane instead of the bad ones
  10. i think people are reading too much on accutane, yes there are alot of risks but the chances of getting them are slim...they just have to report every possible side effect. i mean theres probally a high chance of getting hit by a car if you go outside but you still do it
  11. ive been on accutane now for 2 months and my red marks seem to have lightened up a bit, they r more pink and dont look as bad, but they r still there
  12. hey, i first started roacctuane about 2 months ago. I first went for my appointment to have blood test etc, and they said i could take the roacctuane home with me there and then but i would have to wait for them to give me a call as to whether its safe for me to take it. So either way you will have to wait a little while but it will defintely be under a month.