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  1. yeah i agree way to to many products and washing way to much. you should wash twice a day and limit yourself to one product.
  2. height...6'8, golden hazel eyes, high cheek bones and chizzled jaw, unfortunately my skin well is not great!
  3. i absolutely recommend using only face wash...but that is just my recommendation. I totally used all that prescription shit religiously and messed up my face pretty bad until I did like you did and just washed with a face wash, and sometimes only water. My face is not only more clear but so much more healthy looking. Good Luck and I hope this helped.
  4. Let them eat all that fast food, your really not missing out, remember fast food doesn't always lead to acne but will always lead to a little thing called HIGH CHOLESTEROL, OBESITY, DIABETES, well you get the point. I completely agree with the above post as eating healthier makes you feel better because basically eating that shit that fast food chains serve is super unnatural, and not we are supposed to be eating. Basically don't even be concerned about your intake of fast food, it basically isn
  5. I am a 21 year old male and I generally have pretty clear skin, but on more than just a couple of occasions after I have had sex I breakout pretty bad. I was thinking of the possible reasons...sweat, touching of the face, lack of taking a shower after sometimes. Does anyone else have this problem, or have any recommendations on how to stop the breakouts? Anything is appreciated.
  6. First off that guy is a huge tool, and obviously has zero respect towards women. Being a natural beauty is so rare its hard to even think if I have seen one. Every girl I have dated has not had flawless skin and is usually wearing make up, but i find acne and scars endearing. I never call myself a hypocrite cause I have acne scars and most females I date find them attractive, so why must I judge on a different scale. If your pretty with or without makeup your still pretty, am I right?
  7. Well XCman I guess we will be hitting the college parties at 46 then...
  8. I pour wine at a winery and it is probably the most relaxing job but also the most intimate. You get face to face with customers and basically if my skin is not up to par I don't work because I basically get paid to be handsome and flirt with female clientele. The work is fun and the pay is good with tips, and I am pretty confident I found what I want to do the rest of my life.
  9. It is no secret that I have very average skin, usually my face is filled with red marks from previous zits, and scars dent my complexion. Just recently I have been getting clear, I guess with age I am 21 now...and I sat down to talk to my mom. My mom has always been an unbelievable support system for me always giving me great advice and reassuring me that I am a great human being despite my complexion. So anyway my mom suggested that she has seen great progress in my complexion and I agreed, but
  10. I agree one hundred percent...I am so glad I put none of that stuff on my face anymore because I know I will grow out of it. I am lucky because my parents didn't have that bad of acne so I know when I come of age whenever that may be I will definitely grow out of it. I only place that I get noticeable zits is from the moth down and it gets annoying because I want to put some stuff there to help stop and speed up the healing but I refuse too. I too only wash my face twice a day but with the light
  11. Yea I mean hormonal acne really doesn't bother me cause a few red bumps on my face is no big deal. Man I had the same problem having horrible breakouts while being 19 and it is no fun. I guess accutance but a stop to that but I really don't know where to go from here. I think hormonal acne is different for everyone mine just happens to be consistent yet mild especially when I shave. Good luck and just stay positive. Also try and get sun that seems to help me dramatically!
  12. I am a twenty one year old male and I have been off Accutane for a good year now. My regimen consists of washing my face twice a week with Cetaphil mild cleanser. I just starting to noticeably breakout and I was wondering if any of your guys can help me out with recommendations for a stronger face wash that can possibly reduce breakouts. I really dislike the idea of putting bp on my face because I know my acne is just hormonal now. Anything can help and I would love to hear some input. Thanks!
  13. i was on accutane throughout college basketball conditioning and weightlifting...everything seemed very normal...good luck with your decision
  14. ha, its funny considering that average height for a male is 5'8...but anyway i was 5'10 as a freshman in high school and now im 6'8 in college with a basketball scholarship
  15. not a big nose at all, strong chin and jaw, honestly whats to hate?