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  1. Have you considered diet as a possible trigger? I have had great success with a super light form of the regimen and eating better. Clearest I have been in winter in years. 95%...
  2. 7 Days since my last post and so far, so good! I am pretty strict about my diet when it comes to gluten. Last night I gave in and ate an entire medium pizza from dominos, but other then that, by super light use of the regimen and eating better is doing wonders. Skin is clearing nicely and any breakouts I have had, are so mild in nature. NO MORE HUGE RED CYSTIC BUMPS.
  3. http://bodybuilding.com/store/opt/100soy.html Soy protein is an option, but I swear by optimum whey
  4. Creatine breaks me out, bad. I stick to whey and casein protein
  5. Tried this for a while and sadly had little effect on my acne.
  6. Thought I would give a quick update to this thread. I have found a balance for me that is really working. Through a strict diet, exercise, and very light form of the regimen, I am clearest I have ever been in winter. About a week after posting this thread, I had a pretty bad breakout, mainly because I began eating poorly. I returned to the topicals to help speed my recovery and seem to have found a perfect balance of proper diet and light regimen. I for one might go into summer with clear skin a
  7. I use half a pump to a full pump. MY skin has never reacted well to two full pumps.
  8. Wheat/gluten free has been doing wonders for my skin! Not in 3-4 days, but the last few weeks has gone from the large bumps you describe, to clearing skin. This is as clear as I have been since summer, where the sun keeps me 99% clear. My face has been clearing up and am down to one remaining active bump(2 days should be gone). Any of my other breakouts are really nothing, but a small single blemish, which generally disappear in 24 hours. I have been gluten free for about 4 weeks, but I do che
  9. Too me fasts seemed liked a quick fix. If you want to address diet, you really need to change your daily eating patterns. It sucks and took me a month or two, but I am starting to see dramatic results... fingers crossed :dance:
  10. I feel your pain, but I am taking pride in my new diet. I hate the fact I can't eat gluten. I never realized how much bread I ate. OH and good luck with high fructose corn syrup, it is in everything. Yet, in the 4 weeks I have been eating like this, my skin is only getting better. SO screw them! I'd rather have clear skin and eat healthy, then be 21 and broken out. The only form of gluten I allow myself is beer, but that is only 1-2 days a week, so it is not a big deal.
  11. Well I was on the anti-topical boat about two weeks ago, but surprise, worst break out in recent memory. What happened? While I was broken out, I stopped eating high fructose corn syrup and wheat gluten. Once I cleared up by just washing my face once a day, I started eating crappy again.... BAM breakout. So currently, I am using a light version of the regimen and have continued my diet. I have been clearing ever since. About 90% there. ...
  12. I would like to say this is the thread that inspired my current regimen, so I am not here to talk crap, but rather offer my two cents. To me, not washing my face seems sort of like an over exaggeration, same as putting 2 pounds of BP on my face everyday. The basic principle of less is more is where we all agree. I currently wash my face in the morning and allow 24 hour before I wash again. SO FAR SO GOOD... To each their own, but not washing and making sure water doesn't touch your face i
  13. Now before I start, I would like to say from 17-19, BP was the only thing that kept me clear, but since then, I have come to the conclusion topicals are not the answer for long term clear skin. Since 19, I have gone from no BP to tons of BP, back and fourth. Well this summer, I had 99% clear skin with washing with water and spot treating with BP. Come last September, I started breaking out again and back the regimen I ran . As I put more BP on my face, month after month, the worst my problem a
  14. I've decided this is my new method as well. Roughly three weeks ago, I was washing with just the BP cleanser and had overall better results. Then this last week I began using BP thinking it would clear up the areas that were already clearing. Prior to this week, my skin was improving, but the breakouts were mild. THIS WEEK, all my breakouts have been large cyst like acne and my face has been overly dry. My acne is always light to moderate and in summer I am 100% clear. I need to find the bala