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  1. How many non ablative fractional laser (e.g. Icon palomar) is equivalent to 1 fractional co2 treatment?
  2. Your progress is great. I am very glad for you. Your skin texture has improved too much. Please also share your next erbium treatments. Have you received nonablative or fractional ablative erbium treatment? You gave me hope, thank you.
  3. Since there is no proper lighting, I can shoot this much with the phone. There are denser marks on my right side, there are structural distortions. Less on my left cheek. Since it has sunscreen, my skin color looks lighter. Help me to improve what I can do. I cannot find a doctor who does TCA cross in the country where I live. What other treatments can help?
  4. Hello everyone again. The last time I posted here I only had a few scars. It has been 5 months and I have had many scars. I am very sad. I did everything to stop pimples, but I could not stop them from leaving scars. I have been using Rouccutane for 1 month. Currently, my boxcar and pick scars are intense. I think they are pick scar, not ice pick. I also have light rolling scars. I have dark skin (skin type IV). 26 years old. Do you think non-ablative lasers (Icon) + subcision + prp is a sui
  5. Hello, what kind of scars do you have? I'm also researching RF microneedling. Please describe the treatment process here. Good luck. My skin type is IV, too.
  6. I think a chemical peel might be effective for very superficial scarring. (If you're talking about a full-face peel.) Can the number of chemical peels be increased and more effects can be seen? But as you say, it will take a slow and long time.
  7. In fact, lasers should have been more effective in deep scars. There is a doctor I am researching, using Icon Fractioal Laser and Youlaser Mt devices. Icon laser was safe for all skin types. He is a successful doctor in lasers, but I guess, although the provider is good, there is always risk, right? I'm very afraid of the risks. My scars are also shallow, so maybe they can pass most of the laser. Which laser treatment did you receive, how many intervals and how many sessions? Yes, I read
  8. Perhaps it would be helpful to have more sessions. You have built one of the best devices. What were your scar types? I think you also had a subcision. How long did you wait between Infini treatments? Doctors say 1 month, but collagen structuring took about 3-6 months. Maybe you will see the effects a little later. Yes, I think of TCA peel, but I don't know how successful this is in scar revision. I have some dark skin color so I don't know if it suits me.
  9. @Amanda Hall Hello, thank you for your feedback. How many times have you had RFM treatment and what kind of scars did you have? Do you remember which device brand and how deep is it made? The price does not matter, I just want to find the best treatment for myself. I have a few superficial boxcar pits. (1 newly formed and still red). I also have icepick pits that look like tiny pores. TCA Cross is recommended for icepick pits but I couldn't find a doctor doing this. I am afraid that pits close
  10. I don't know how phenol cross differs from tca cross. I don't know which one is stronger. The stronger may be used in perhaps lower percentages. But I'm afraid of the cross technique. There is no doctor here that I trust crossing. Can full face TCA peels or Phenol peels be achieved? Why are you afraid of the subcision technique? I also have very small pits, icepick and boxcar I guess. I think peels and RFM or microneedling. I will see the doctor soon. Maybe she suggests something else.
  11. I have been using retin-a for about 2 months, but there is no improvement in the scar. I think I should use it longer? I have very small ice pick scars, not even clear from afar. Is there any harm in TCA pelling for these? You said that microneedling is effective on very small superficial scars. RFM or microneedling is better for superficial boxcar and superficial rolling scar?
  12. I looked at that forum after you said it. Yes, some of them had terrible results with RF. It seemed more reliable to me. It's hard to find a good doctor. I think Pico is better for spots. I heard it is not very effective in pits. I asked a question on this platform and said @Sirius Lee 'If you have dark skin, Infini or Genius is better.' I think they use insulated needles. Thus, the risk of staining after the procedure is lower in dark skin. And these are the latest technology in RF. But thes
  13. I researched and where I live, neither of them. There are other brands, especially Scarlet s. And a doctor makes a fractional co2 laser. Patients are satisfied. Can't I get any results from Scarlet or Fractional co2 laser? Or chemical peeling?
  14. @poorbunny888 I am researching RF microneedling (Infini, Scarlet, Genius, Secret ...). There were many brands like this. Some devices were better than your skin color. I am a little dark skin so Genius and Infini are more suitable for me. I have read here that a person has increased their scar, but there are also those who are satisfied. I heard that the results were successful when PRP was performed after RF. I watched Dr Lim videos. I think the device is important, although it is an expe
  15. I have scars like this. What treatment do you consider? I am searching too. Can TCA use increase even more? I'm afraid of that. Please keep up to date with developments. Do you know about other RF devices?