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  1. To go on a first date I would say a week. I got mine Oct 6, grid scars really showed up by Oct 9th. By the 12 they were gone.
  2. These pictures are in order from before procedure,right after and 9 months later. So I've had rf genius needling done. Although the needle marks left after were barely noticeable, I've notice my pores appear bigger or I have some that were never noticeable before the procedure. These treatments are too expensive for people to risk having their skin permanently damaged. Now my Dermatologist wants to try tca cross for the ice pick scars but I don't know if I should even trust that. I've been watch
  3. I've had RF genius needling. It was VERY PAINFUL even with numbing. The dots/scars are TINY. If your still wearing a mask or even not you can't really notice mine were gone in about 3 days.
  4. This is 2 months after 2 subscisions and 1 RF microneedling session. My Dermatologist says I don't need any more subscisions he wants to try tca. My problem is he says I don't need any fillers and that just doesn't seem to be the case. I've also been using cyspera which says it can take up to 16 weeks to show results for hyperpigmentation. I've been using it for about 8 -9 weeks, not even a slight difference. I'm going to try 1 more rf needling and the tca cross which puts me at risk for more hy
  5. Antique84

    Genius RF

    I'm dark skin, almond skin tone and yes I meant to say grid marks. I actually didn't see them until the 2 or 3rd day. They last about a week but were VERY tiny. I didn't mind as I really don't go anywhere and even when I had to go back to work I wore a mask anyway.
  6. I don't know what your faith is but if it's a higher being, you are never lonely because that being is ALWAYS in the midst. Therapy has helped me as well. There's definitely no cure all because your thoughts will still back track sometimes but habits don't happen over night. Just know that no one or thing can make you happy if you don't know what makes you happy. Skin issues aside, think about what your surrounding yourself with. Is it your hobbies?, beautiful things you like to look at or liste
  7. Are you still getting break outs or just scars? Maybe if you post a picture the community can help. I'm in my late 30's and have felt that way since highschool. I just had to have a plan and am now executing them to try and rid my scars. It's really weird when people tell you how beautiful you are but you see the complete opposite so much so you think that they're lying to you. One day I just found out what I needed done, how much it would be, what doctor to go to and save whatever I could. I st
  8. Do you have a hard time gaining/retaining weight? If so just have to make sure you're Including weight training in your work out regimen. Also make sure you're eating more calories. There are plenty of vegan foods especially nuts and seeds that can assist you with that but you also need to know what you're allergic to. It can be healthy and still break you out if you're allergic.
  9. Right after my subscision I started having pimples pop up. It was a lot going on because hormones and new products the doctor sent me home with. Once all that was done and my skin got used to the products I was fine. If you're still getting major break outs I would try to get that under control first or else you run the risk of getting those treatments for nothing.
  10. Antique84

    Genius RF

    I still can't understand the science of it maybe that's why I'm skeptic. I didn't like the recommendation from the start. My cheeks are pretty much covered in boxcar and ice pick scars. I did a treatment of subscision and RF. The RF was pretty painful, and as expected I noticed perfectly lined holes in my face healing in the first week. However It seems my texture is a little less smooth now. I'm going for a second subscision but I opted out RF to give my skin more time to do it's thing.
  11. Hi community! I'm a 36 yr old African American with ice pick and boxcar scars. I had cool laser surgery performed by south Florida's "best dermatologist" around 19-20 yrs old. Only at the time, my major scars were blemishes from high-school acne I barely had indentation scars if any. He said the indentations most concerned him although I had a face full of cystic acne and blemishes. I feel like he didn't know what to do with my skin etnic type. I really feel like the laser surgery made my skin