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  1. That made me LOL. Feeling the love. I would go on it, but I'm doing things in life now that I can't afford super dry sensitive skin. you are a jackass. i am just popping in once more. i am excited to see that some of you are starting to see improvement. i am still waiting for results of any kind... its still as lame as before. i will wait some more before i decide to take medication of any kind for it... i belelive thats the smartest route.
  2. this sucks so bad you guys, i just got so pissed off today. i had such a huge shed. im talking 300 hairs in the shower..... screw this.
  3. i really appreciate you lamar, your help has been wonderful! but fuck!! dont go man. i seriosly rely on your help, i probably shouldnt but you are the only person i trust on this matter! at least compile a post or website detailing all your information! i would absolutely love that! that way at least we can use your information as a foundation, and then maybe we can further that knowledge! please! and thanks!
  4. that sounds promising jnt! whatever it is, there is regrowth involved, thats for sure! i hope i start growing some hairs back soon...
  5. you jerk!!! give me your hair!!! ahh oh well.. sounds like easy coasting for ya bro!
  6. sorry blazed. dont lose hope... im there with you bro! okay back to psychology! (haha yeah i am a liberal arts student) i cannot stress the importance of this, seriosly i think it is our psyche thats the real problem what is it about everyones hairloss that troubles them so? for me, as sad as it is, i fear that the response from the ladies will be greatly diminished.. thats a sad notion, but i am not being unrealistic when i say that i have really nice blonde locks, and i think that is m
  7. congratulations! thats quite the dose though. any side effects? hairloss?
  8. max, that is the pits man.. just awful.. at least i have no acne.. *knock on wood* many have recovered from this!! thats all i am holding onto anymore. im just meloncholy anymore. i think we have dug up all we as individuals can.. whats left to do, but wait?
  9. whats going on with everybody? any news? my situation still sucks....
  10. i will post pictures of my bald head soon to hopefullly give you guys hope. or scare you!! i have enough hair to donate to locks of love, so im going to lob it off and give to some poor girl that has hairloss that actually ruins their life. i mean cmon people! how pathetic are we! we still have all limbs! we are alive and fully functioning! we got this. i have about 15 inches of hair, hahah. i am going to look so weird when this is all over. hopefully i will only have to go bald for abou
  11. you know that weird burning sensasion on the scalp... i have it now.. great.. i was hoping i had TE.. and with that my hair is just falling to pieces.. i think im just going to shave my head.. this sucks, i wish it didn't make me so depressed but damn.. i guess i could try topical steiroids, my derm said he would give me some if it really persisted, but what will that really do in the long run.. i am starting to lose hope kinda like ithappens, haha even though i have identified the futi
  12. sorry to hear that superman. i know this sounds strange but your derm probably was not lying about not having any cases. derms right now just aren't aware of this! many have next to no knowledge and some have little yet useless knoledge. i would not be so angry with hiim though, considering there is not much he can really do anyways besides prescribe you topical steiroids. topical steiroids and especially shots prove to be very effective for tane hairloss. your doctor is at least offering amd th
  13. over 100 hairs a day and losing hope blazed.. sorry david, im glad you trying to just move on from it and let it do its course... i have a knack of worrying too much.
  14. i would much rather lose all my eyelashes than the hair on my head!!! ahh. by they way dust in the wind, how is the hair on your head?