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  1. Idk how long it will take for you but for me It took a week for everything to clear up. biggest thing to avoid is sugar. Even from fruit. Then all sources of caffeine including black tea green tea etc. Only temporary.. but it’s the most important ones. you might still be able to see improvement keeping things like pasta, rice, potatoes, dairy etc if you enjoy eating them. Just test it for yourself. Watch the sugar. I cant stress this enough. the less you can restrict yourself and get
  2. At my worst my cholesterol was 6.1 and crp very high. Also just because you are in range for a lab doesn’t mean you have perfect lipids. What were your results specifically? And yeah I can eat whatever I want but only do it once a week. Ive seen posts many times here about fiber, diet etc. when I had this issue and lurking. I tried it out and it’s the only thing that actually worked for me. Antibiotics also worked but it was always temporary and the pustules would come bac
  3. To get rid of this initially You need to cut out all sugar (including fruit), caffeine, dairy and alcohol. you will see results in 1 week. this is an internal problem nothing you put on topically will get rid of it. I can get into specifics as to why later. if you want proof go get a lipid panel done. All of you with this condition will have an abnormal lipid profile, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. meat & fiber meals. Brown rice, pulse/bean pasta, beans