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  1. Here are the pic of me today. I took in the toilet and the light might help to smoothen my face..honestly after the last fraxel until today( almost 5 months), I am satisfied with the result although my major scars arenot eliminated but it is shallower. Under some lightings I still see the scars clearly but it doesnot bother me as before, However, my face is still oily and now i am using AHA 15% + ratin a then the nanocollagen before bed. In the morning, just a sunscreen ( i dont think i need th
  2. hey man, long time no see. I am Bond69, i think we first met in 2004-2005-perhaps. Hopw you are ok and enjoy your university life. Now i am currently in Sweden for my master's degree. we are quiet close (better than Thailand) still i couldnot go to uk without visa! hahahaha

  3. Thanks Blankdisc, i will definitely ask my derm to increase the settings or at least ask if it is better to set it higher Well, after the second, i see a great improvement on my right cheeks, almost scars are gone. It is now almost two weeks and swelling is also gone. The scars on the left cheek are still visible but it is A LOT BETTER. Two more treatments left ! Cheers
  4. Hi all, It is day 10 after the second Fraxel. i am still peeling and light pink. The result so far is good.. I hope the nasty scars will be reduced after the last laser..Well, spring is coming think i need to buy a cap to protect the direct sunlight lol Will update a new pic soon
  5. Congratulations Sandayg1 i think Fraxel is working pretty good for us both. I noticed that the level your derm set was always 6. Mine was 7 and 11 ... that's why i said it was a bit high. I dont know much abot MJ what i know is how deep the laser will penetrate from the top layer to inner. next time i will ask my derm why they set a low(?) MJ in my case. Untill now i am still very very light pink as you said i am darker than you so they might be afraid of me getting too red Well, it is really
  6. Yes i did get a couple of acnes after the laser on my chin as seen in the picture. Acually, it is not problematic. Normally it will be cleared in a week (without doing nothing). Now 5 days they are almost gone plus the pink on the face is less visible. Still, peeling though.
  7. Hi there, i am doing Fraxel 2. Yes i am also pleased with the result though it was just my second. After my first laser for a month, i could see some improvements on my scars, it has been getting smoother and soft. Personally, Fraxel or any kind of laser treatments will provide different results depends on your skin conditions or how your skin react to the laser. For me, as stated ealier i am satisfied with the fraxel2. Moreover, i have gained more confidence back. That's what i want. By th
  8. Hey all, i have recently done my second fraxel laser treatment on Tuesday. This time derm set 25 MJ and level 11 ( i know it is a bit high and yeah i got pink now ) comparing to the first laser 25 MJ level 7 (maybe). Hopefully i will be back to normal skin before school on Monday. i hate when ppe look at my pink and say " i have a tan skin" this pic is taken today morning after i washed and applied sunblock and moisturizer. I am satisfied with the result so far and really hope after my last t
  9. Hi All, i have recently done my second fraxel laser on Tue. This time derm set 25mj and Level 11. My face afterwards was a bit red and really red on the next day. I think becasue of the treatment level. the first time was only 7. Today is the second day after the laser, the redness is reducing and becoming broze. Personally, i think i have healed faster than the first time. Hopefully it will be "normal" on Sunday or at least Monday morning. I have to go to school ! I have learnt that " DO NOY a
  10. Thx for encouragements. i am at the moment satisfied with the rsult of the first Fraxel treatment and going to have the second on 25 March. Again time to get RED, PINK and Peel hahaha.. Will post pictures again soon.. bond
  11. Hi there, Personally i think fraxel works for me eventhoug it was my first time, yeah my second treatment will be on 25 March. you may visit my gallery if you like but dont be scared as i am brown , when it became red it was a bit awful but i recovered within six days. I got back to normal and peeled for almost two weeks. It helped with my rednes and some deep scars. As i told it was the first time i have 3 to go ! My derm said it would be fine and the scars will be diminished and some will be
  12. Hello, i am glad you have posted your pic right after the laser treatment. I have done my first (fraxel) treatment almost two weeks ago and the second will be on 25 March. I could not find pixel laser in my area. You are so lucky that you did not have long downtime, unlike me, i had been red and pink for amost 10 days. But the scars are really better now, it is softened and smoothened, i think. I am looking forward to seeing your in a week later ! Keep us post and i will do the same.. Good lu