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  1. Haven't been on here in a long time but wanted to mention that I have quite a bit of new growth where my hair had been receding for the past year and a half post tane, this is the first time I've noticed anything like this since stopping tane, it's not from doing anything different except for possibly stopping Propecia five months ago which I think may have increased my receding hairline, anyways I'm not offering much help except maybe the benefits of time and I only use Johnsons baby shampoo. G
  2. I quit washing my face pretty much all together only once every other day for about five seconds and now my face is clear. I guess I just have really sensitive skin because even after just washing twice a day with water my face would still get dry so I quit. The first couple weeks suck, it looks pretty bad like your face is 'purging' or something but the good thing was that things I noticed that popped up in the morning were gone by night but then replaced by something else but after a while wit
  3. I think the biggest word in all of this is IRRITATION, knowing this and using the water method are the best way of clearing your acne if in fact you've passed your hormonal stages. Literally all through high school and including my first year of college I had flawless skin, I had three pimples I remember the exact days because it was SO terrible, I only washed with water this whole time and rinsed with water at night. Fast forward, my second year of college I began drinking super heavy by my apa
  4. I'm the same way and my doctor did indeed say that I have rosacea, the dryness and pimples are all associated with having rosacea which I never knew, I always thought it was just a mild case of acne.
  5. Thanks, how long have you been using it, I've been for alittle over a week and have also been taking oracea, can't say that I've noticed much of a difference, how about you?
  6. My derm prescribed finacea to be used at night before bed after telling me I had a slight case of rosacea. The main area that I see is on the cheeks but I forgot to ask him what all on my face I should put the it on, would it make sense to put it around the chin or mouth or forehead?
  7. I developed acne for the first time when I turned 20 and had never had a previous problem. Nothing I seemed to do for two years had any significant difference until recently. My doctor prescribed Seroquel for ocd and shortly after my acne was gone completely as well as what I believe was serebral dermatitis, that lasted for about three months when I had to come off the medication since it made me super doped up all the time. Within a week of coming off my face began breaking out again, can anyon
  8. great is nioxin like a topical foam, pill or what. how does it fight hairloss? It's a a three step treatment you can buy at salons, shampoo conditioner and oil for the scalp, it is quite expensive but is highly recommended and its the only thing I have used that makes my hair look and feel preaccutane normal instead of dead looking and dry, not sure how well it will help with regrowth as I've only been using it since yesterday.
  9. Thank you for responding, I've since found one called ebA, everything but vitamin A, it was formulated specifically for accutane users. I think I may also take Omega 3's and an additional vitamin D supplement. I also had a hair cut today and my regular stylest noticed my hair line filling back in after stopping propecia which confirms my opinions. She and everyone else in the salon also suggested using nioxin over rogaine saying in all their customers it seems to work better and they didn't sell
  10. Has anyone found a daily multivitamin that contains no vitamin A, I know they exists regardless of what GNC says, I've seen mention of it on another website but it was along time ago, thanks.
  11. Lamarr, I know this has nothing to do with hair but you seem more educated than most about accutane so is there a daily multivitamin that you are aware of that has no vitamin A in it, I remember reading a post along time ago by someone saying they had found one, thanks
  12. I honestly don't know what to tell you that would make any sense because what has happened to me still makes no sense. I have two friends who took accutane and ended up with wonderful results and are still acne free two years after and they had very bad acne. My story is really weird though, I had very very mild acne but knowing my friends stories I demanded the doctor give me script and he wouldn't, he said I didn't need it at all but I was looking for a quick fix and eventually he gave in. I w
  13. I just thought I would let people know that atleast for me, Propecia was a waste of money and perhaps detrimental. I took it from September of last year until February of this year and the only thing I noticed was a faster receding hair line, which many people swear it can do. I'm convinced over the time I was taking it that my hair line receded at a much faster rate than previously and the month that I've been off I've noticed my hair has begun to fill back in so just a warning to all. Oh and m