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  1. I just looked a few pictures on my computer that were just uploaded. I can't believe i'm actually smiling... I had a dreadful experience with acne to say the least. I got the odd pimple here and there thru high school, with no major acne problems. Then 4th year university came, I was 22.... my life completely changed. I went from an outgoing happy person to a miserable, social recluse. It was a vicious cycle; acne ->stress because of acne -> more resultant acne. Without giving y
  2. wow, happy I found this thread. I am on week 11, and I have had a rash for about 3 weeks localized to my tricep areas. I was worried about what it was, if it was sun dammage or what, but I noticed that it went away with moisturizer use. it looks like little scabs, but are really thin and not very discolored, just a bit darker than the surrounding skin
  3. We'll have to test for steriods. Can't let anybody win using anabolics
  4. I'm obsessive, i agree 100% with the above posts. When I'm sleeping I'll try my hardest to sleep on my back. Then if i wake up in the middle of the night I freak out because I'm on my side. oh noe, my face is mashed into the pillow! So I'll get back on my back, and try to fall asleep. Wake up in the morning... shit, on my side again. Better wash those pillowcases again for the 3rd time this week. And while I'm at it, might as well throw a load of towels in seeing as I use a new one e
  5. I know that story all too well. when they put me on Minocyclin, they said it'll be 4-6 weeks before you see improvement. All minocyclin did for me is cause alot of hyperpigmentation (i have darker skin), so I went from having little red dots to dark purple dots. then they put me on doxycyclin (vibramycin), and said to wait another 6 weeks. By this time I was so fed up, knowing full well I was going to require accutane. fuck! it was going to be 6 weeks before we see that the doxycyclin i
  6. I had a very similar problem/experience with getting my Rx for accutane. I don't know how health care works in the states but in Canada, your family doctor refers you to a derm, and the derm administers the accutane. My family doctor and I tried many acne medications over the last few years such as minocyclin, doxycyclin (vibramycin), clindoxyl, solugel (aqueous BP), and a slew of others to no effect. I don't have severe acne, just persistant, mild/moderate acne. My family doctor refused fo
  7. Hey there, glad to hear that your skin is clear and you're happy about it. I'm on week 8 of my accutane treatment, and I was wondering if you could give me a quick rundown of how your progress was over the 4 months. What i'm trying to get at is when did you first clear up, or when did you first start to notice a significant improvement. Thus far i'm in the middle of my 8th week, with no real improvement. I just keep praying to the acutane god that it'll start to work.
  8. and along with the physical aspect of this cycle (acne), my emotions coincide with this cycle as well. The good is ok, but the bad...is really bad....
  9. Much like the person who started the thread, I use my car as an escape. Because i havn't been going out on weekends because of my personal appearance, I've pumped every dollar I own into the only thing I really care about anymore. (the car) The day's I feel the worst about my face, I'll fill up the tank, turn up the stereo, hit some windy backroads and just drive around wot any chance i can get. Oh how i've contemplated just putting it into a pole or ditch at 180 kph, so it would look like
  10. I've stayed home soooooooo many times because of acne. My friends will call and I will just make excuses, either that i'm feeling sick (which I'm not), or that I have other plans (which I don't) most weekend party nights are spent on the internet reading these forums, and/or looking for that miracle cure on the internet that will solve all problems. The lock myself in room routine sounds oh so familiar. Having everything you need in your room is the worst thing evar. I do everything in h