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  1. No worries. I think part of the reason why Dr. Rullan comes highly recommended is because of his history and experience with scar revision in general. Even if someone else can do lighter peels, it makes more sense to trust a doctor who does them more frequently. I'm still in the process of consulting with his office staff. I'm not very impressed so far; a lot of the answers are stock replies.
  2. I see! Would you mind putting up a photo or two of your scars for reference? And hmm, I would much rather have a series of gentle treatments that are safer than have more intense treatments that could backfire. I get the impression that microneedling, subcision, and CROSS is Dr. Rullan's "standard combo," but I want to inquire more about the other chemical peels that he does given his reputation for them.
  3. The Korea question was directed @kitsliv45. I still don't know if my icepick scars are actually "deep enough" for CROSS. I think that's one reason why I need to have an in-person consultation with Dr. Rullan before I decide on any treatments. If they're not that deep, than maybe a regular chemical peel would be a better option. You mentioned that some of your boxcar scars widened. How many would you say widened, and how many improved? Did you have any icepick scars at all?
  4. Do you have any links to those accounts? Based on what BA and a few other users have said in the forum posts, TCA CROSS is supposed to widen the scar while raising the scar bed, making it ideal for a resurfacing procedure after. That isn't something I've read on any official doctor's site, and makes me wonder about its mechanisms. 1% vs 5% vs 25% is a huge difference. Re: subcision and microneedling: did you find either of the procedures painful? That's good to hear. Does he gi
  5. Ah. So if there aren't clear borders, you would avoid treating those entirely? My tiny icepick scars are also close to each other, so the idea of them joining together and becoming larger after treatment is really undesirable. Is there any way to prevent that from happening? I'd imagine that Phenol CROSS has the same risks as TCA CROSS, even if it's less likely to cause widening. It really sucks that it didn't yield great results for you. I guess it's hard to predict how results will turn o
  6. @kitsliv45 Thank you. I saw that thread some time go, but wanted to hold off on opinions until I had actually spoken to Dr. Novick. I wasn't very impressed with his answers, so probably wouldn't seek treatment from him. Dr. Rullan is spoken of really highly here -- do you find him ethical and caring? I'm sure Korea has great doctors, but my grasp of Korean is pretty rudimentary and with the language gap, that would be playing with fire. I went to several clinics in Japan, but their grasp of
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Currently, I'm waiting on a response from Dr. Rullan's office. I'm pretty convinced that subcision is not right for me, however. And rather than trying microneedling and Phenol CROSS at the same time, I think it would make more sense to try one modality if anything right now. Slow and careful are the keywords here. Is it advisable to treat ice pick scars that aren't very deep with Phenol CROSS? Also, when it comes to treating the damaged areas of skin with
  8. I get how it sounds. I’m wary because a topical led to damaging my skin badly in the first place — so I don’t think even topicals are necessarily safer. And tretinoin tends to weaken the skin barrier. Right now, I feel that it would be better to spot treat the scars rather than use a topical that may help slightly in the long run but doesn’t really target the specific scars on their own. There are some people who have had very bad reactions to tretinoin leading to worse scarring and p
  9. I’ve used Curology’s formula with azelaic acid. It wasn’t right for me. I’ve read as much as I possibly can online. There’s a lot of BS out there, and while there are conflicting opinions on this forum, I think there’s a higher degree of honesty since everyone is more or less struggling with the same issue. I don’t believe everything I read, obviously — I’m asking questions for more sources so I can form my own opinions more clearly. Again, I’m wary of retinoids. There are plenty
  10. Right now, I’m using Vitamin C. I didn’t like azelaic acid — or rather, couldn’t find a good formula for it. I’m really wary of tretinoin for numerous reasons. I don’t want to add anything that could aggravate my skin any more. My skin may have a weaker acid barrier in the first place? That’s one thing that may have led to the damage with the MUAC Fade Serum. I’m not sure why Rullan recommended subcision. Maybe he’s used to doing that for boxcars? Are there any significant risks assoc
  11. I’d like to have hope. MihaelaP said that TCA CROSS reduced the visibility of many of their icepick scars. My scars aren’t deep — the photos I’ve attached are how they look at their worst. In some lighting, the scars are already practically invisible. I don’t really feel anxiety about how others see me because they’re not that noticeable. I just want to feel better about myself again. But I don’t know if that’s entirely possible. Rullan apparently thinks I should do subcision along w
  12. In your personal opinion, is it possible for my scarring to be reduced to the point where it's almost completely invisible, provided I heal well? Or is that a pipe dream? Is Phenol CROSS normally performed for 4-6 sessions like TCA CROSS? I also saw online that phenol can have side effects like cardiotoxicity (!), and I want to know more about the context for that. I've also read that TCA leads to scars looking much deeper at first before they improve -- at least in the cases where it works
  13. Thank you for your response, MihaelaP. Amanda, could you tell me more about your experience with Phenol CROSS? Was it painful? What was the downtime like? I know you said the 2nd treatment led to your scars getting worse. After the 1st treatment, how long was it before you saw real improvement, and how much better would you say it looked? I know that all of these results are highly case dependent. I'm still waiting to hear back from Dr. Rullan. Also, does anyone else have exa
  14. The scars are white? Did they become hypopigmented after the treatment? And you said your skin looks rough now — was it smoother before? Did you do any resurfacing treatment after TCA CROSS?
  15. Thanks for the information. This is all incredibly helpful. Would you say that TCA or Phenol yielded better results for you overall? And I feel really stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. Like other people have said, my scarring is minor, so if I react well and the treatment is done skillfully, there's a chance I could feel much better about myself once the treatments are done. On the other hand, there's always the possibility that it could be bad too. I have a tendency towards