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  1. thanks!! i was wondering though, how do you know if you're skin is allergic to bp?
  2. this is one of the best :) :dance: can you guess what it is?
  3. try it for a few days and see what happens
  4. kdb4

    Retin A

    i wouldn't use it why risk it? go to the derm and see if you can get a low dose sample... i love samples
  5. Sorry to hear about that.... I just got health insurance this year after going 8 years without it, so I know how that goes. anyways did you ever try nothing at all.... I know it sounds weird but before I went on the micro I was fed up and chose to do nothing cause I noticed that I only had acne on the parts of my face that I tried to medicate the most because I was soooo paranoid. I had a lil revelation that maybe all these things that I've been trying on my face was doing more harm than good
  6. Yeah, i quit too! I was on it for 4-5 months and it didn't work, but seriously don't get too bummed out cause there are tons of other treatments. Have you seen the derm? They may have something better that will work just for you. My derm put me on retina micro and so far it's been okay. I'm also just washing my face with Purpose face cleaner. OH and.... I'm on Yaz birth control and I've been on that since feb. I hope the best for ya! I know how it goes and it sucks! Just keep your head up
  7. Oh i hate my scars as well. Thankfully I have long hair that helps shadow those not-so-great areas . And now that its summer, i just want to put my hair up. Anyways, on some of the shallow scars I had:), I did 5 treatments of genesis laser and micro-derm. It seemed to really smooth out those types of scars. Then when I was at the derm she did a sample of the tc cross on one pitted scar and I was pleased with the results after just 1 treatment. Best of luck to you!
  8. not necessarily. just stay off all antibiotics for now until everything goes back to normal. I too had a reaction to the mino and i have taken many antibiotics in my lifetime and never had any problems
  9. use neutrogena on the spot twice a day, take aleve or ibruprofen for inflammation, and some ice. and stop messing with it don't try to squeeze or anything unless you want to get a crater. it may take a while for it to settle down just DO NOT TOUCH IT!
  10. I use concealer of course... and I just started using revlon color stay minerals, brush sucks though so i use the Jane Iredale handi brush for application. Then I spritz with spring water. Stays all day surprisingly and I haven't broken out from it so it's a keeper for now. oh one downside color selection sucks i had to buy 2 shades and mix em.
  11. ...just eat sweet potatoes and chicken,lol
  12. fasting can be very good for you. try 2 to 3 days a week. no more buying processed foods sounds like you need to start cookin and so do i Shopping list veges fruits stuff for salad red wine vinegar for dressing fish chicken hmm?
  13. well i hope that you get a chance to at least try it out like i said it was working. :) She must have been on it for a while. If your dr prescribed it, love those drs :), well... i doesn't hurt to try and if you start to feel funny and not right, get off of it. Maybe you should tell your mom that just tell her that if you start to feel weird you'll stop.
  14. I was prescribed minocycline a month ago and things seemed to be going great and my skin was really starting to clear up, I also started taking Yaz bp, I was a bit concerned that I couldn't lay down 30 minutes after taking it, that kinda freaked me out, i was super sleepy all the time, and for some reason my lymph nodes(all of them) were swollen, i also felt sick to my stomach, then I woke up with hives about 3 weeks into it. Minocycline affects people differently i guess. It was doing its job