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  1. I get that some people can be super conscious about their scars but there are other threads for that. I come here time to time to read about the latest miracle treatment that promises skin regeneration. I don't feel like reading someone's overwhelming thoughts about some 1 mm scar they have on their buttocks per say. Unfortunately, nothing has come to fruition since the thread was opened. I have seen severely burned people and others that have lost limbs. I just find it unacceptable that no
  2. Poor baby!!! Did mommy forget to bring you milk? You are 31 year olds, go out there and enjoy your life for pete's sake. I've got acne scarring too, mostly my back and shoulders. Lots of facial scars from several mishaps but chicks seem to go nuts about them. I would love to get a clear back for once and get rid of my facial pits from latge zits, but considering this forum is 15 years old, scarless healing likely will never happen in my lifetime. Stop being a waste of skin and do something
  3. I think you quoted the wrong person, maybe you need to tell that to scarcure not me.
  4. Why did you reply to my post? Seems you can't even honor what you preach. Can't you dissappear already? You bring nothing new to the conversation except for your egocentric self-esteem issues. Go get help!!
  5. Other than microcoring and Elastogen, it seems very quiet lately for scar free healing. This thread is 15 years old but nobody has found the secret to skin regeneration. There are thousands of people out there disfigured by burns, trauma, surgery and skin diseases like acne, but there doesn't seem to be much funding going into this.
  6. You just can't shut up, can you. You always must have the final word. Please educate us about burns again. Please go see a psychiatrist, I think you forgot your meds. I know you are an idiot, but what am I? And don't forget to honor your last commitment, don't reply to my post....the end.
  7. I think it's the other way around. You insulted me plenty of times and clearly, you can't tell the difference between a first, second and third degree burn. Get your facts straight. When I catch you at your own game, you play the innocent victim card. We don't care if some laser resurfacing treatment left you with prolonged hyperpigmentation. You are 31 years old, behaving like a kid. Get a life and please don't reply to me anymore. The world doesn't revolve around you.
  8. Really now!!! I know you are but what am I?
  9. I think you should be reported for using profane language. There are other threads here to discuss about your emotional state but please refrain from doing so here. Cry me a river!!!!
  10. Actually, I have several thick scars where hair comes out of them. It really depends on genes and the severity of the wound. Hair follicles are normally present deep in the dermis and they don't necessarily get damaged after an injury. Hair continues to grow, eventually pocking through the newly formed scar tissue. What you have is hyperpigmentation which takes forever for some people to resolve. It is not scar tissue. I recently got a second degree burn (blisters all over), it healed with
  11. It's because younger generations are becoming increasingly aware of their body and it's flaws. They want to present perfect glowing skin to the public while being slim. Acne prone skin, scars and a little fat are frowned upon. Twenty years ago was the beginning of a trend where young girls were asked by society to reach unattainable levels of beauty. I would even say, cosmetic surgery did not help at all. Initially, this new medical discipline was intended to restore skin integrity and faci
  12. Ι have been reading about this since 2015. Back then, they were a startup at some australian university. Eventually, they got bought by Allergan, a pharmaceutical giant. I wouldn't write them off just yet. Even a 50% improvement is something.
  13. Not in my lifetime, that's for sure. That microcoring looks promising though, however it would take lots of dough to remove tiny bits of skin to get results.
  14. https://dailyresearchchronicles.com/2020/07/01/scars-treatment-market-2020-showing-tremendous-growth-with-top-players-like-sonoma-pharmaceuticals-inc-birchbiomed-smith-nephew-merz-pharma-lumenis/ This thread has been over 10 years old and like many of you, I suffered from cystic acne during my teens and early adult years. Medication and creams did nothing for me. Accutane cleared lots of it but pimples kept crawling back. I tried several diets and facewashers. In the end, I gave up and now