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  1. but when I read advice about retin-A creams/gels etc. what exactly is it, and what does it do? Also, I've heard the term retinoid. Does differin have retinoids? Is it the same as retin-A? I feel dumb asking this, but I need to know. Please feel free to direct me to a topic I missed, if I did. :/ Thanks! PS is it OK if I use Carley's Clear and Smooth in the morning, and differin at night? My derm said it didn't really matter to him what cleanser I used, as long as I was using the Diane-35 (wh
  2. Good morning! My name is Emilie, and I've been seeing a lot of good things about Retin-A gel, lotions etc. and I was wondering if I have to have a prescription for it, or is it available at a local drug store? Also, I've been trying out Carley's Clear&Smooth, should I be using both at once? Thanks for any advice. ^^
  3. Me and my friends were on a field trip in New York City, having the time of our lives. Eating dinner at a restaurant night, my friend decides to proclaim her tremendous success with various facial products to our group, saying that My face was the "before" and Hers was the "after". At least proactiv stopped working for her, and now she's almost as bad as me. Guess that Karma's a bitch. Too bad she's so flighty she probably has long forgotten the scenario that made me less confident every day
  4. I was on diane(tte) for about 6 months, off it for spiro for about 6 months, and now I'm starting diane(tte) again. I don't know whether it was the combo of being suddenly off birth control and onto spirolactone, but my face was the worst it had ever been during that time. Now I'm back on diane and my acne is fading away already, not even finished the first pack. I have no idea what I'm going to do after this, you're not really supposed to be on diane for long periods of time. DX Final answ
  5. awww, I'm the only one? any opinions on something that will either shield my skin, or bust any potential lurkers would be great
  6. I have always had a hunch that this does not help my acne. A long trip away from said job and city usually results in more average looking skin. I am looking for a solution that lets me keep my job: Is there something that can "shield' my face from the crud it will be exposed to? Any opinions are appreciated - I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation. ^^
  7. Those are GREAT tips...I'll go dig out my silly putty again then. ^^ You guys are great (and fast!) with the advice...I'm gonna go try it.
  8. The rubber band I've tried before...thanks for the suggestion though! Usually I just forget I even have the rubber band there Does anyone substitute the picking habit for something else? Cause I thought that might work, but I have no idea what to sub it with. ie. Saying Fruit instead of F***, that kinda thingy. ^^ Thanks for the link Lutya, there seem to be some pretty understanding people on there...I'm not quite to the extent to some there though, more like a "bored and mindless" picking.
  9. Sometimes I feel like I just can't help it, I'll find my hands touching my face when watching TV, waiting for my laundry, typing on the computer.... How do you guys avoid picking? any advice would be great, I'm sure my face would be loads better if I could stop the picking!
  10. Hi! I'm new, my name is Emily (I just posted in the newbie forum as well) And I've had acne since I was 12. I'm now almost 19. My dermatologist describes it as moderate to severe, and I'll attempt to upload a pic... Prescriptions Tried: Tricyclen diane35 clindoxl gel differin gel novo-spiroton Naturals tried: nearly all LUSH brand face washes, toners and moisturizers Body Shop tea tree oil line OTC: Proactiv Neutrogena Clearasil I keep my sheets and clothes clean with all natural, biodegr