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  1. I have had acne for almost all my life. I've had my ups and downs. I've gone through homemade medication to prescription medication, light therapy. It started in 7th grade, and up until age 35. I can happily say that I've found a routine that works for me, and it's really simple. I'm not sure if it'll work for you. To be honest, it's really a trial and error thing because everyone's body is different. Your acne is likely hormonal. So was mine. I found that I have to avoid peanuts (even
  2. I've been using products from the Bare Minerals line for a number of years now. So far it's been the best for not clogging my pores. Upon the advice of other people on acne.org, I use the original foundation because others have said the matte foundation seemed to irritate those with sensitive skin. It also doesn't give full coverage, but I also use their concealer. Still not the best, but after years of using this product I don't have so much acne anymore anyway and my scars are slowly fadin
  3. Hey all! I'm a little more than halfway through my pregnancy. I do have breakouts. In fact I'm having one now. It's mostly on my chin and neck area. I've also broken out in my chest and a little on my belly area which I attribute to my attempts to prevent stretch marks. People have raved about Bio Oil and Palmers. But my skin didn't like it too much. But I have to tell you that I don't care as much as I thought I would. At first I didn't care because I was so sick from all day "morning" sic
  4. So here is their response: "Thank you for your inquiry! You do not need to worry about the neem oil. You'd need to be using it raw and in direct contact with the areas used to conceive. It isn't actually USED to prevent pregnancy (that I am aware), but there is a concern that because it is a natural insecticide, it could negatively impact sperm, so there are cautions about that "out there." But having that ingredient in a soap that you use on your face will not cause any kind of issue for y
  5. Thanks for the update. Good luck with getting pregnant — I hope it works out for you soon! (: I'm glad to hear that you are managing clear skin even after stopping Estrosense. I stopped DIM (pretty much the same thing) about 4 months ago and it's been surprisingly good here too. I looked into that soap and the main active ingredient appears to be neem oil, which is antibacterial. Neem oil is an Ayurvedic remedy for acne and some other conditions but it can affect fertility. I'm not sure tha
  6. Without makeup i now feel that moisturizer is unnecessary. However I have a lot of scarring still, and fee, I NEED to wear makeup when outside the house. The problem is skin flakes when I put concealer on, so I've always put moisturizer on to avoid the flaking. Is there anything else that can be done instead of moisturizer? I don't like the greasy feeling of it. Thanks for any opinions and recommendations!
  7. Just an update... I'm not pregnant yet. Well...let mr clarify... I WAS pregnant for about 5-6 weeks, and had a miscarriage. It's been a bit of a roller coaster,a nd you can imagine my hormones! But...my acne has been manageable. How, you ask? Well I've been using a new soap!!! I think it's awesome! It's called the Acne Battle Bar from Apple Valley. Apple Valley is a family-run company, and only delivers to the USA. Since I'm from Canada, i asked my cousin from NJ to order it for me and bring i
  8. I've been using the Battle Bar for about a month now, and I am REALLY happy. My husband even commented on my skin las week saying it looks healthier! And he usually wouldn't say anything. I know it won't solve everything. Sometimes our hormones get the best of us. But I do have hormonal acne, and I have to say... It's been manageable with the use of the Battle Bar.
  9. I just read about this product earlier today, and I decided to order it. Unfortunately they only deliver within The States, so I'm having it delivered to my cousin in NJ (I'm from Canada). She's visiting next month. I can hardly wait!
  10. I don't think there's really any oral med that will be prescribed to a pregnant woman. Too risky.
  11. Thanks! That actually DOES make me feel a little better. I still think I'll break out, but just the possibility makes me look forward. Thanks for your understanding! How are your conception efforts going? I actually haven't stopped taking the birth control or gone off Estro Sense yet. I'm too nervous. But I spoke to my husband last night. I will go on my last month of birth control and Estro Sense, and then that's it. I told him how scared I was that I'll break out and look like a
  12. Get ready for the ride! Sounds like you might have adult hormonal acne. For your sake, I hope it's not.
  13. It makes me so sad to see that severe acne would prevent anyone from having children. I'm not judging, believe me. It makes me sad because I can see myself possibly making the same decision.
  14. I know what you're going through. Since it's hormonal, there's nothing you can really do except take birth control or spiro. But the problem is... once you go off it, it's quite likely that it'll come back. I also tried Accutane for 2 rounds. It worked until about 3 or 4 months after treatment. Currently I'm taking EstroSense which you can buy at those natural stores. It works really well! There are some bad months, but overall I'm happy. And there's a bonus - it helps keep your breas
  15. Thanks for your insight! I will keep all of these things in mind. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm worrying over nothing!!!
  16. That sounds like a good option, but maybe a little extreme. Even though it's considered safe, I'd be too scared. It just sounds wrong. I think I'd rather look ugly for a few months than to cause potential harm to my baby. Guess I will try the cleansers and talk to my derm about topicals.
  17. Been there. Looks like you have hormonal acne. Birth control helped, but I'd often develop side effects over time and would have to experiment with different brands. I'm currently taking a natural supplement that helps control hormones called EstroSense. You can buy it at natural food stores for about $30. It works great actually! I was very surprised. I recommend trying it.
  18. I'm in that stage in my life right now where I'm thinking about starting a family. It's exciting, but in terms of acne it's terrifying. I have hormonal acne. It's been a crazy roller coaster ride. After trying many different types of birth control, natural remedies, etc.... I've settled with a great remedy called EstroSense which helps balance my hormones. Amazing actually, and just recently discovered. So now with this new decision to have a baby, I have to stop taking this magic cure. Wh
  19. You can buy it at a natural food stores. It costs anywhere between $30-35. I take 2 per day as advised by the owner if the store i went to. The bottle says to take more, but this seems to work well enough for me.
  20. Hey ladies, It's been several years since I first started this thread. S let me give you all an update: As with the vast majority of you who have responded to the thread, my acne returned with a vengeance after about 3 months of going off Diane. After about a year of this, I ended up going back to birth control but tried a different brand. It was depressing because i really didn't want to be on the pill forever. I eventually want to have kids. But I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!! I'm now trying an her
  21. I do have oily skin usually. But I switched to cetaphil facial cleanser for oily skin at the same time as starting EstroSense. So I don't really know which one did the job. Maybe both?
  22. How often should the regular person be cleaning their brushes? And how do you know when the brush is ready to be thrown out? I've been using the same brushes for two years, I think. Is that disgusting?
  23. For all the ladies, If you have hormonal acne, you HAVE to try EstroSense. I've been using it for about 1 month, and I've already noticed a HUGE change. Here's my story: I started getting acne as a young teenager. I've been on and off of a million different medications - topical and oral. It continued and may even have gotten worse as an adult. I've had good years and bad years. On good years, I found that the birth control pills made a big difference. But I would either find a si
  24. I used to make excuses too, but it doesn't solve anything. In fact I think it made things worse. All you end up doing is obsessing over your acne and feeling sorry for yourself, which makes your acne even worse because of all the worrying!!! My excuses were often something along the lines of not feeling well... and I guess it wasn't a whole lie. I wasn't feeling well emotionally. I think we should all be thankful that we have friends and family who actually DO want to chill with us
  25. I've had acne for about 20 years now!!! I'm 31, and have had issues with acne since I was 11 or 12. Crazy, isn't it?