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  1. i really like cetaphil. it's too bad it doesn't work for some of you. i used noxema for years till i realized that was the reason my skin was screwed up. or at least contributed to it. i find cetaphil does leave a little bit of residue but it doesn't really bother me. i don't think it's bothering my skin like noxema did.
  2. hey dices, which mask would you recommend using? there are so many out there.
  3. has anyone tried this? seems interesting but rather pricy.
  4. the reason for acne is definitely different for everyone. but i was using the same concealer for years and once i stopped using it my acne got a lot better. it was estee lauder's lucidity. it's a good quality concealer but definitely not for acne skin. i now use almay skin stays clean foundation and lancome matte finish pressed powder and no concealer. my skin seems better without so i just avoid and try to use the least amount of makeup i can get away with.
  5. does anyone know a good place to get a facial in toronto that has treatments specifically for acne prone skin? thanks!
  6. wow this is crazy. i never thought about it like this before. i absolutely agree with you all. my skin is way better now then when i first started going on the site a couple of months ago. i've learned a lot and have cleared up dramatically. but i still keep coming here and obsessing over my skin. ek! though the site has given me a lot of comfort and support to know that people go through the same stuff i go through.
  7. i use them sometimes to get rid of clogged pores. i use the ultra kind. they work okay. not as well as getting extractions from a facial though. but they do pull out some grim. give it a try. they're not too expensive.
  8. i don't know if this will help your hormonal levels but i use pulsatilla. it's a homeopathic remedy and in combination with the regimen it seems to help my acne.
  9. i use one from a brand called elegant faces. it's about $20 and you can get it at shoppers drug mart (if your in canada). it's amazing. i used to use my fingers and i was never really happy with the results then i tried a foundation brush and i always get a great application. i just wet my face with water then moisturize with neutrogena oil-free moisturizer, then dot on my foundation on with a cotton swab on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. i use almay skin stays clean. then just the founda
  10. hey, your story really touched me. i'm so sorry to hear that you had to go through something like that. i really hope you get better soon and i'm sure it will. keep us posted on your recovery. jane
  11. hey, i took your advice and bought the almay makeup in the same shade and i agree it is great. the coverage it good and doesn't feel heavy on my face. i also notice it doesn't really change colour during the day and keeps my oil at bay more than most foundations. thanks for the great find! it saves me a lot of money as i tended to always buy estee lauder and never had a lot of luck with drugstore brands.
  12. I want to learn more about good basic nutrition and how to encorporate it into my diet everyday. No fads or weight loss diets. Could anyone recommend some good respected books? My parents never ate well so I never learned from them. Though I tend to know what's good and bad for me but I have a hard time planning meals for myself without just making the same thing all the time. I get bored so I just end up eating out all the time. I figure the more I learn about the nutrition I'll make better cho