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  1. Curko

    Works wonders, If taken properly can and will ensure perfect skin and will make you a lot happier!. Depressive thoughts, stress, ocassional suicidial thoughts, takes a long time. If you at least partially sane and can tell your brain to shutup for a couple of months this will clear up any acne you had and keep it away for good!. See my gallery by looking for my name to see the results. Or click the link for a side by side analysis [link edited out]
  2. Hey Acne.org forum members, My long dosage of accutane wore off after a couple of months now, and I'm just wondering if there is anyway to reduce this scarring (Yes I know it's minor but If I can get rid of it I would like to!). Looks like very small pitted indents in my skin and I really didn't like the idea of a $800 treatment with some Fractal Laser.. Any suggestions ? Here is a close up pic, it's not really noticeable until I'm in the light PS (Don't reply if your not adding anything c
  3. This is from The Intial Start of Roacctuane to the final photo of me cleared up after finishing my dosage 3 months.
  4. Time is of the essence benjamin, Just wait and be patient, if not see your derm and see if you can modify the dosage (safely). This is what I looked like at the start of this year. And Now what I look like, Dosage was about 60mg after the first month for the following 6 months. Aside from about 2 little tiny minor flaws near my dimples I would say my skin is now perfect
  5. welcome to my life.. i have red pigment spots that look like scarring.. the derm said i will probably need laser scar treatment in 2 months.. full of shit and bullshit.
  6. I had a breakout of about 2 weeks sucked ass big time but hell i think about the end result
  7. 9 days later this is my progress reckon i will be nearly clear before the end of november? because i don't want to go to my formal with red acne Anything that can speed the process up? Im on 40mg once a day... should i be using a different cleanser then the cetaphil gentle one? or applying a toner after cleansing? Ideas anyone ? http://yfrog.com/0524092009423j http://yfrog.com/0g24092009424j
  8. thanks for all the replies guys my skin isn't as bad as i thought but i still think i can lessen the redness whether its diet related or just the IB stage.. I think the cleanser or moisturiser may be doing it. Whats a good combination to use ? For morning i cleanse with the cetaphil gentle cleanser then apply the nivea young tinted moisturiser for the day. Am i missing something perhaps?
  9. well im about 6 weeks in my skin is flaming like crazy... every new spot for hair turns into a big white pimple. I'm really being swayed to drop the accutane right now... The 2 week dose of Enthryominocin cleared my skin up heaps better then accutane is doing. gah!
  10. Hey guys and girls @ acne.org. I've actually taken the plunge seen a derm and been perscribed with Accutane.... I was told 20mg twice at night after my intial 2 week warmup phase... So here i was thinking things are starting to look up skin was clearing... while i was using the Enthroyminocin for the 2 weeks to prevent flaring when i went on accutane... Then the shit hit the fan and i'm pretty depressed over it. My skin dried up heaps and i just got worse and worse... big red inflamed pimp
  11. Yeh i hope my blood test comes back good in order to be aloud to be perscribed the accutane. Hopefully all goes well.
  12. I went to the derm for the first time $160 later i was told to get a blood test as the best suitable drug to get rid of my acne related problems would be roaccutane. He has perscribed me erythromycin 400mg twice a day for 2 weeks to reduce the risk of flarring if i go on accutane. The only thing that scares the shit out of me are the adverse side affects of roaccutane i really don't like the fact that it's stopped being manufactured in the usa. But i feel like there isn't anything else for me
  13. Thanks for the reply Pippin, i hope the derm appointment is very beneficial for me as well I've been putting it off for ages trying to go down the natural road but sometimes it just doesnt work out. With the acv do u take 3 tablespoons in like a juice or something? I've heard many different ways of doing it. Thanks guys i only have a couple of weeks before my appointment and hopefully all will go well. Cheers Brenton
  14. I would say i probably dont have it under control. I'm using proactiv at night but its expired and i don't know what else to use...
  15. Hey guys and girls i am really in need of some help. Over the last 3 months my acne has gotten progressively worse and wont stop at anything. I've tried pro activ and tried Doryx and some other meds to no avail. I'm booked in to the derm in 2 weeks and I'm worried that the derm won't be able to help me. I won't ask girls because i think i look hideous and i don't like people taking photos of me because the camera just outlines redness all over my face! This is what i am looking like now and im