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  1. Its typical seborrheic dermatitis! I have it as well. Forehead, eyebrows, under eyebrows, nose, chin and cheeks. My derm prescribed RX hydrocortisone 2.5% and in one day it started to break up!
  2. A face wash called Effaclar by la Roche Posey with salicylic acid will slough it off!
  3. I have the exact thing on my cheeks! I have been trying to find someone with the same thing but no luck! I'm thinking its sebum that has hardened inside the pore and not being fully pushed out? We need an answer!!
  4. I know these threads may be old but I wanted to share an experience I had last night. I'm 57 years old! Never had bad acne but diagnosed with Rosacea a couple of years ago. Food is a major contributing factor so I learned by elimination what to stay away from. I had a bad flare of seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp that crept down to my face and it was horrible. After it cleared up I decided to get back to using a retinol. I use Cervaes resurfacing serum. To avoid the dry peeling skin I mix it wi
  5. I used BM for 8 years then one day, BAM! it was the same results all you ladies had! It's been terrible trying to find something to replace it. I'm currently using Kari-Gran with no negative side effects.