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  1. You should use lots of moisturizer directly before going to bed (1/3 a finger in a thick line for top, left and right side of the face). Even though your face would look greasy you'll be sleep anyway. This really helps with the flakiness because I do this every night myself. Just give your skin like at least 4 weeks to Unflake. I use more than that both in the morning and at night (basically a line from the tip of my middle finger to the end of my palm) thats how dry it is! I guess I'll just h
  2. I'm pretty sure its the cleanser doing most of the drying out, because even just letting my skin dry for a couple of minutes (like Dan says in the regimen) makes my skin tight and flakey. Esepecially around my mouth and under my cheekbones. I do use Dan's moisturiser after the BP, and I can't seem to get the right balance between not enough and too much. Either I put too much on and my skin looks greasy the whole day, or I don't put enough on and it gets dry and flakey.
  3. I've been using the regimen for a long time now, probably over a year - and i've had some great results followed by periods of horrible results, followed by periods of great results (its up and down all the time, using the regimen exactly the same each time) But basically what I'm here to say is that the cleanser seems to really dry my face out. I've even tried just using the tiniest little amount and only gently moving it across my skin for like 5 seconds and washing it right off - and even wi
  4. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, it's the only one that stood out to me as a 'general' skin forum. I have very pale skin, which firstly makes my spots look a whole lot worse than they would usually... but also means that my stuble (what little I have) shows up a lot too, and its very annoying to me. Sometimes my skin looks great, but above my top lip and on my chin it will look really blotchy with black dots showing through all over.. not very nice. I'm not sure if it's the way I shave (i
  5. I've got the same problem. It's quite weird though as it's not always like that. Sometimes I will go for a week or two with really greasy/oily/sticky feeling skin (looks shiny too), but then the next week it will be fine. I've tried to make sure I use the exact same amount each time, but I've found nothing that works right all the time. Sometimes I feel as though if I just put a little less moisturiser on, I'll be fine - but if I do I end up with really dry patches around my mouth and eyes. It
  6. There's no need to worry about customs charges unless you're buying like 10 bottles of the largest moisturiser I'm in the UK and usually get 2 BPs and a moisturiser together, and have never had any customs charges. It's pretty fast, too, and the shipping isnt so bad (dont forget to convert the price from dollars to pounds) - although I think it would be great if Dan could set up something in the UK for easier shipping to us Brits!