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  1. Hello, I havent posted in a very long time. My skin has gotten much better I usually break out now due to sleep deprivation or skipping my regimen for a night. but the only thing I cant seem to get rid of is picking my face. IEveryday I say Im gonna stop and cannot. Its gotten worse this past year. My skin looks very nice with makeup but without it...I wouldnt go out and I dont like that dependency. Anyway, 4 days ago I picked my face like crazy and my entire face was red!!! so I decided its t
  2. Hey. Ive read about people pricking open vitamin e capsules and adding the oil to their moisturizers. Makes sense because vitamin e is in a lot of moisturizers already and the oil is in its purest form. My skin is kinda dry my acne meds. They work well but Im clear with some dull skin. (I do use aha by the way but I cant use alot of it because my skin is kinda sensitive, i use a small amount.) Has anyone ever tried doing this I was wondering if it will make me break out
  3. Im wondering if anyone has tried putting on SA lotion than BP lotion? Im not too worried about drying, my skin is pretty tolerant compared to other peoples. Ive heard Neutrogena Rapid Clear Defense Lotion is good.
  4. Hey all, I have been a member of these boards for quite awhile and I can finally add my success story here. Basically, I had bad acne throughout middle school and nothing worked. Differin helped somewhat but stopped working once I got to highschool. Highschool was a bad time for me, especially senior year skin-wise. At the end of my senior year I started this regimen. A couple of times throughout highschool, I did half the regimen or parts of it, which didnt help very much. I wont lie, I didnt
  5. so i got this zit inbetween my eyebrows. it basically looked like the kind that would grow and become filled with pus, because thats the type of zits i get, esp. in that area. anyway, i used the baby brush as usual, and very gently went a few seconds longer in that area. it was flat this morning.
  6. yeah i use it after my cleanser, because if i used the brush before Id be scrubbing off more makeup than actual skin cells. although now that im not wearing as much, thats probably not totally true. but im just going to keep continuing what ive done.
  7. Hey I have used the American Red Cross brush for the past 2 weeks now in the shower after my cleanser. Im really amazed, partially because Jessexfoliation did not turn out well for me and because I dont scrub my face for a minute like I did on her method, but yet it still works. I'm on a slightly altered version of Dan's regimen, and it works pretty well but I still get 2 pimples every couple days. But, I havent gotten any new pimples the past 2 weeks since doing this, knock on wood. (and i ha
  8. lol. Good, I thought it was just me!
  9. For any girls taking zinc vitamin supplements, you should pobably know that birth control pills cause the body to have a high amount of copper (high copper causes zinc deficiency) im not sure how much extra zinc you need on BC but its more than the Daily Value.
  10. Hello, A combination of vitamins and an altered version of Dan's regimen has cleared my acne up completely. I take a B Complex, Zinc, Vitamin C, and a multivitamin. I was wondering about the long term effects of this, I feel weird (not physically weird) taking so many pills and I think my roommate wonders why. I actually feel much better, my energy has sky rocketed and my skin looks great. But Im wondering if taking so many vitamins on a long term basis is actually more harmful even if it clea
  11. I've been taking 65mg-115mg a day of Zinc. I dont have to worry about copper deficiency because Im on birth control which gives u really high copper levels anyway. Surprisingly, the BC only helped a little, but I swear the Zinc is working, because ever since Ive taken it, I have not broken out at all. Which is a huge accomplishment for me.
  12. Everyone here says horrible things about Panoxyl, but I havent had any problems. I use the 10% (yes I know im not suppose to, but it keeps me perfectly clear and the 2.5 didnt, even though I gave it 6 months to work) Aquagel and it absorbs really nicely for me, I just gently rub it in as Dan shows until it gets tacky, then I let it absorb. Then 10 minutes later I put on NHSL and I dont get streaks or anything. I do get a little dryness in the morning, but when I run a washcloth over my face li
  13. Ive read reviews about Clearin Capsules which is a combination of herbal supplements and vitamins. I know theyd be good for general health, but has anyone ever tried them for acne? http://www.taoofherbs.com/products/2242/Vaxa/Clearin.htm
  14. Im just wondering, because the past couple nights Ive been so tired when I come home I havent been rubbing it in for very long, so it just kinda sits on top of my skin, is this why Ive gotten a couple new zits? (Ive been on CSR with good results for 5 months)
  15. it def. affects me, if I get less than 6 hrs of sleep, my skin does not look good the next day. But everyone is different- alot of people claim diet affects their acne, but diet doesnt affect mine at all. I went for 2 years without dairy, caffeine, processed foods and that kind of stuff (due to a medical condition) and I still broke out the same.