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  1. Some people has dermatitis and acne in the belly caused by leaky gut when eat carbs, grains, sugar, fruits, rice, oats. These people are eating only non starched vegetables with beans doing the vegan candida diet for years to the symptoms dont appear, but they never cured the leaky gut. When the symptoms appear, never disapear. Any sugestion to cure the symptoms?
  2. Anyone here is doing the vegan candida diet as life style eating only non starched vegetables because carb, sugar, white rice cause body acne?
  3. Someone for 1 year eated everyday 1 ibuprofen capsule, 1 canned coffee, 1 ice cream, 1 sweet bread, 1 cup of coffee with honey, a lot of white rice with beans, small amounts of vegetables and chicken. Maybe all these foods, except vegetables and chicken, caused leaky gut. After this one year, he eated a lot of brown rice and few vegetables in the breakfast, lunch, dinner for 1 month. Maybe a lot of brown rice for 1 month 3 times per day caused leaky gut too. He started to has fungal acne in the