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  1. i used them for about 8 months total and when i ran out the last time i just stopped buying them. my skin stayed clear and i was just rinsing my face with water and using sunscreen and it looked great so i never had a reason to buy them again until now.
  2. its been a long time since i looked at this but im having problems with my skin this summer so it looks like ill be starting up the regimen again. will start the photo logs once my products come in
  3. some of the red marks on the right side of my mouth are still visible.. most others have faded, but this right side was where my acne was the worst. i think as i spend more time outside though i get a bit tan and they become less visible... and if i wore makeup i'm sure they'd be completely concealed. and good luck. it took a little more than two months for me to finally clear up. be sure you don't rush into using aha too quickly. i have two bumps today, one on my jawline and one on the middle
  4. Dan recommends not adding AHA into the regimen until at least a month has passed, so I hope that doesn't interfere with your results. btw you are pretty!
  5. Ah, its been awhile. I've stayed regular with Dan's regimen and I've maintained good results. I have one small bump today.. and I've had 1 or 2 others over the last week or two but nothing big or noticeable. I feel like any red marks have faded as much as they are going to and I'm happy with that. Here is a picture from this morning. My face looks shiny but I did just use the moisturizer. the spot below my mouth is the only current active acne. what a relief.
  6. okay well it actually is that time of the month and my skin definitely has a few new bumps but they aren't red or inflamed so they aren't very noticeable.. I didn't even notice some of them until I felt my face. Other than that the regimen is still working well.. red marks don't seem to be fading anymore and I'd like to add in some diluted ACV to my daily routine since apparently that can help fade them but I'm worried how that will affect my simple regimen of dan's cleanser/bp/moisturizer.
  7. My skin is still staying clear... I get my uh, monthly visitor.. in a few days so it will be interesting to see how my skin reacts during that period of time. Picture tomorrow.
  8. Don't worry, my skin went through its "worse stage" for over two weeks, but the results I'm seeing now are so worth sticking with it. Good luck.
  9. My skin is still looking good... No real new acne and my red marks seem to fade a little more each day. I have two small bumps on my left cheek but they aren't big or inflamed and I feel like they will be gone soon. They are barely even noticeable. I had to skip washing my face the other night because I was at the lake and forgot my stuff at home so I think that is the reason for the two bumps, no worries though. I don't want to stress about it and cause even more. I need to stay on point with
  10. Skin is still staying clear. I am so happy with the results I've seen over the past two months using Dan's products... I just wish I had tried them sooner!
  11. I use dan's cleanser, dan's bp and dan's moisturizer (I put a few drops of jojoba oil (4-5) and a (2-3) of drops of tea tree oil into the bottle and shook it up).. I also take one multivitamin and 1 50mg zinc table every day.. other than that I do nothing extra! and yes, I'm glad people appreciate the picture posting because I noticed not many people were doing it as they go.. they just do one before and one after picture and I like the idea of showing actual progress, not just talking about
  12. remember to use ALOT of BP. I think that is the key and only use moistruizer if your face feels like it needs it/ intensley dry. I used massive amounts of bp and i never needed moistruizer. btw you look kinda cute dont let acne get ya down
  13. My skin looks GREAT. I have no active blemishes and my red marks are fading. I couldn't be happier with the way I look right now. I'll post a pic later today.
  14. My skin broke out while I was in Cali... I think it was stress related. It is going away now, minus one or two bumps around my mouth.