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  1. When I first started it. I started with PanOxyl 5 used it for a year or so it was working good for me but it was very drying but it worked. Then I moved to brevoxyl that is 4% used it for 2 years which worked absolotuly beautifully I got so many compliments about my skin I cant tell you guys but then for some reason it stopped working . I guess it was not because of the brevoxyl it was because of the moisturizer I guess. Now I have just started Dans regimen which is way too expensive for me but
  2. Thanks guys! But the thing is I used about three fingers full for my face and the BP was reasonably thick I was using 4% BP but still I brokeout! Also I have seen Dan use about one finger full for ony his chin and the area above the lips area as these are his acne prone areas?? Also whats the possible disadvantage of using more then rescribed BP
  3. Hey guys, I gotta a question I know that Dans suggests using two full pumps. Is that for the whole face.I dont get acne on my forehead and on the sides of my face? So how much should I use?
  4. A good topic! I am a pretty goodlooking guy or so I think this is my pic on the dispay. Anyways I always get praised about my looks!!! Also I have got a pretty good body. Though i was quite fat i was few years back but overcame that by doing cardio lifting weights and keeping a healthy diet. My problem is acne the thing is I had moderate acne before, after following dans regimen I got clear I m almost clear but get like a pimple or two a week and what happens is that people have somewhat put me
  5. Hey Dan and Brandy, I am going through the same experience as EBW. Just wanted to let you know guys.
  6. Yeah thanks I hope so too!!! Though You made me jealous by telling me that you get it in 6 days. The thing with Fedex or UPS is it is kind of expensive and inaffordable and thanks again. But I dont know whats wrong with the customer service. I tried to contact them like a million times but no reply from them
  7. Thats the thing I have to tired to contact them through the contact page numerous times, but theres no reply from them too! I starting to get worried.
  8. After it get shipped, it takes a while to be delivered just like anything else you order on line. You wont receive it the day its shipped =/
  9. Hey guys! This is my first time I have ordered something from another country. I ordered Dans products and they were to be shipped by USPS first class international. They got shipped on 18th and today is 18th of march and still no news about the supplies. Also I tried getting in touch with the support team here at daniel kern .com but no reply yet from them!!!!!!!. Any advice
  10. Hey guys! I ordered Dans products on 16th of feburary. They were shipped to me on 18th of feburary. I live in Pakistan and I still dont have them I emailed the concerned but still I havent got a reply. Any advice