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  1. um......i mean if you like CANNED food as your only source of food for a year with no fresh fruits and vegetables. I dunno if this is all you will eat, I would sometimes go out and eat with friends so a 1 yr of food would cost a lot more. Also, serving size does not equal what you would eat in each meal. You may have 2-3 servings of veggies for lunch (you need 6-11 servings of grains, well carbs so thats a few servings per meal). Well look at it this way with all those cans your body wont rot ti
  2. PIH is caused by melanin, postinflammatory erythemea is the redness you see which is caused by blood vessels. People here get it confused often
  3. im 2 years post-tane =( im getting some acne here and there, im pondering nuking them with tane again
  4. the age varies from person to person its also known as death
  5. my derm had visible scarring on both cheeks and lots of em too. She was cute as hell too
  6. cutting out all those foods is probably good for budget as well as your waist. Only problem i got now are my old marks i only get a zit every 2-3 months nowadays but its the lighting sometimes that gets to you
  7. i think laser is a shotgun method of doing things, blast any blood vessels into tiny bits then let body heal and recover, after the bruising and blackness subsides itll look worse at first, itll look redder then after a few weeks the body should break down those blood vessels and reabsorb them. There is also a small chance itll be redder than before but chances are thatll itll improve (ranging from tiny improvement to major improvement). Of course you'll need to undergo this several times to get
  8. i just bought a bottle of cetaphil wash (liquid kind) it makes skin feel soft and what not but my greasiest spot (my nose) broke out a bit, 2 whiteheads which were gone by the end of the day. I think ill incorporate it into my mornings where i dont collect much dirt/oil during sleep and use something stronger at night.
  9. i wouldnt continue taking them long term ive been off accutane for 2 years it helps with w/o pustules that i get. The redness goes away and it stops growing in size and disappears before coming to a head but it takes a day or so for any results. Its not long term cause you risk damaging your stomach and liver
  10. usually after 24 hrs and ~8 ibuprofens later my cysts/pustules deflate like a balloon (all saggy looking and stuff)
  11. hula hoops............. "my glasses abruptly slid off my nose, leaving me blind and vulnerable. I leaned over, squinting like mad, trying to see with what little blurry vision I had, groping out to grab my glasses. " sound like somebody been reading too many love novels Psssh linux has never given me a kernel panic yet
  12. I wish you were my daddy =( my skin sucked, i acted sorta fast but you know the drill first you have to try some antibiotics, if those dont work you get antibiotic creams, if those dont work you try more creams, if those dont work some more creams, then finally accutane. Took 2 years of wait and see to finally get something thatll do a darn thing and by that time i was SOL darn marks.
  13. no some people here have food intolerances and are slightly sensitive to them and they are manifested as acne. Imagine food allergies but not as severe, and also not as instantaneous as allergies
  14. for some ppl it works some it doesnt everybody is different... Dove facial soap works well for me, i used to think that the ones in the pump that are liquid were better but some facial bar soaps lather well but dont overly dry your skin which seems to work against logic but work well.
  15. DEFINITELY try a new cleanser, i have somewhat oily skin and used cleansers for "oily" skin and man they should outlaw those cleansers they strip oil and moisture from your skin. Dry+oily skin = breakouts like crazy. Plain oily skin doesnt cause that many breakouts, I have this one bar soap for skin that works something amazing for some reason, it lathers and cleans well but doesnt over dry my skin. Drinking tons of water helps my skin stay supple. For the macbook i got a tip for you straight