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  1. Hi everyone. I'm new here and browsing around. I thought I'd share my experience with fish oil, because i agree with many that it really works wonders. I am on progesterone therapy for estrogen dominance (age 27), and I'm pretty sure I am dealing with acne because I have been very stressed, stopped washing my face normally, but most importantly - I stopped using my progesterone cream regularly (basicall just stopped) and was taking birth control erratically. I also had stopped taking the fish
  2. I was just about to wash my face and then I read what you wrote! I do remember when I was a teenager I tried washing my face three times a day and it was just too much for my skin; it's just hard to remember from so long ago. You forget how sensitive skin with acne is. When I don't have acne, my skin can handle a lot. Ugh...I guess this stuff just doesn't clear up overnight! And I guess trying to use BP, retin-A and the topical antibiotic is probably overkill. I'll try to be patient :rolleyes: .
  3. So, I suppose it official - I am broken out and it is probably moderately bad and not just mild. I am just not used to having issues with acne and keep thinking my skin can handle the stuff it did before (I am 27 and used to have acne when I was a teen). So I use anti-aging products and a high SPF sunscreen that has never broken me out in the past, but will it now? Do I just need to admit that something is different with my skin and treat it accordingly? I went to the health center at the univ
  4. Actually, regular use of AHA and BHA products (in moisturizers, cleansers, etc.) at lower strenths stand to keep your skin in a constant state of low-grade damage and repair, which actually is more detrimental to the health of your skin than a higher strength peel used occassionally. Higher strength peels have been shown to restructure collagen similarly to how young skin does, which is why people notice improvement in skin texture and quality. Since both work through irritation of the skin, the
  5. Thanks for your reply, Emerald. I really do think different skin conditions must react differently to different strengths of glycolic acid. Maybe for acne 30% is just way too harsh. I already had the peel, and would use it maybe once every couple of months just to refresh my complexion. I wouldn't say it is "safe" to do at home, but if you follow the directions properly, you can get the same results for a fraction of the price. Since I've had good results without acne, I figured this same stren
  6. Okay...maybe this wasn't such a hot idea. I am 27, had pretty bad acne in my teens, but continue to use Retin-A, as my dermatologist recommends it. As a result, I've been lucky to have really nice skin for about eight years. I thought I didn't really need the Retin-A, and at times I have taken breaks without problems. Well, I happen to be going through a particularly stressful time and basically stopped washing my face regularly and using Retin-A for about a month. I noticed a few spots but d
  7. I take Xanax, and it has not had a negative effect on my skin. I've taken it for nearly 10 years more or less. But diazepam is not a drug for depression; it treats anxiety. Actually, this group of drugs can make you feel more depressed because it is meant to sedate you. So you should think over what you are experiencing and decide if anxiety is an issue for you. Diazepam is a short-acting drug - roughly 4 hours. It just isn't a treatment for depression. But since depression and anxiety often